FIFA 14: Best Free Game Download For World Cup

What can be more enjoyable than playing FIFA in the FIFA World Cup season?

Well, the latest version of the FIFA game, developed by EA Sports, is a top class game and sets the standards for football too high. The game is a much loved one among the football fans and gamers all over the world because it presents them with the opportunity to plan their own strategies, train teams and then play against opponents, much like in a normal match. The latest offering from EA Sports serves the expectations of the users well and is laced with a large number of innovative features, which allow users to do a lot more than just play football matches.

FIFA 14 rules the roost among the large number of football games that are present in the market. The legacy set by the FIFA franchise is too big and is unlikely to be replaced. What is always expected of FIFA is that it delivers something that is a class apart, not only compared to other similar games, but also as compared to its own older versions. FIFA 14 stands tall upon this promise and delivers great features coupled with a pleasant interface. Some of the features have been mentioned below, which make the game an absolute thrill to play.

A Number of Modes

The game includes a large number of modes which the users can play, besides the normal gaming mode. There are provisions to practice football, train a team, make your own team and run your club and schedule matches and careers. There are practice sessions for everything and tricks can be learnt by practice. This makes the game enjoyable for people, who want to enjoy penalties, dribbling or other competitions, besides the actual league games. These competitions can be dealt with in a single or multi player mode, making it more interesting for friends to indulge in competitive matches. The inclusion of so many modes makes FIFA 14 a really exciting game.

Great Graphics and Visuals

The game has excellent visuals and graphics. The stadiums, the balls, the players and even the crowd are made to look as if they are all real. The commentators do their job in real time and the speech is always fresh and new, depending on the situation. This has been a very big improvement, since hearing the same pre recorded commentary becomes very monotonous and spoils the interest in the game. The graphics are a delight for the eyes and every detail is shown properly.

Online Features

The game has many online features too. Real time updates can be posted on the social networking accounts. People can chat and assist fellow players over the Internet. Also, it is easier to download updates for the game, which improves its features and the functionality.

The game has received great reviews from game enthusiasts all over the world and is likely to become more popular due to the hangover from the World Cup event, which was held in Brazil recently. This has pulled even more fans to FIFA 14.

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