GoPro 4 – What Can You Expect From This Amazing Camera

For those who take photography very seriously, the GoPro has always been one of the top choices.

GoPro is one such brand that is known to take its work very seriously and their gadgets have always been in the news for the right reasons. With GoPro Hero 4 about to be released, there are too many rumors doing the round. Here, we will take a check on the main details of this product, the expected rumors and more.

The Release Date

Keeping in mind the fact that nearly all previous models by GoPro have been launched in the fall, it is likely that GoPro Hero 4 is also going to be released by next month. However, this is just a tentative report because there are other rumors that the camera may not hit the stores before March 2015.

The Design and Features

This camera is going to be a compact and rugged one and it also comes with different type of special attachment features as well. It is owing to the special attachment features that the camera can be strapped to boards, helmet, ski poles, and kites and thus it can be used for the sake of extreme sports too. It is GoPro 4 that can turn out to be the best gadget which will turn out to be handy for extreme photography.

The Main Features

One of the most striking features which are considered to be revolutionary in GoPro 4 is that it can shoot videos at 4K resolution. Owing to the use of the SoC Ambarella A9 chip, this camera will be able to deliver some exceptionally top notch performance. There are different resolutions at which you can capture videos. Those who love shooting videos are definitely going to be satisfied with what GoPro 4 has to offer.

Further, this gadget is going to come with 13 megapixel photo sensor. Apart from this, you have a separate lens for shooting in the dark. Shooting in the dark can be extremely challenging and this is why GoPro 4 has done the needful to make dark photography a pleasant affair. You have multi exposure and HDR WDR tone along with electronic image stabilization feature and even enhanced MCTF as well.

The waterproof housing features which you get, will allow you to shoot underwater with ease. You can shoot as deep as 60 meters under water and this improves the ease with which you are capturing the shots.

The Competitor

HTC is likely to release a rival competitor in the market and there are reports that the new 16 MP camera to be released by HTC is going to have underwater shooting capabilities. This camera by HTC might turn out to be one of the fiercest competitors of GoPro and it remains to be seen as to which one emerges as the top choice.

GoPro has always made its users happy and with GoPro 4, people have too many expectations. When the gadget will be finally released, we will have a clear picture of the features this camera has and how it managed to justify the expectations that users have from it.

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