Waze Makes Meeting Up With Friends More Convenient

Waze has recently brought social navigation app to a whole new level.

With its most recent update, v3.8, Waze brought new social features that you and your friends will surely enjoy. These features would also make your trip more convenient and easier because the app now allows you to share information with your friends. One of the key features in the updates is that you can now add friends on Waze from your contacts.

Adding Waze Friends

Waze now uses your contact list to find friends and, even better, you can choose which among those in the list, you want to add. You can even send friend requests and manage your list. You can allow Waze, access to your contacts, by tapping the “Add Friend” button on the screen. You will also have the option to add your Facebook friends. If your friends have not downloaded Waze yet, you can send them an invitation to download the app for free.

Send Upates Hands-Free

Once you’ve managed your Waze friends, it’s now easier to meet up with them if you’re all going to the same destination. Sometimes, when we’re meeting some friends, it takes a lot of instructions that are more confusing than helpful. If you’re on your way to meet someone, you can easily inform him about your whereabouts without having to send the text. Waze lets you focus on driving and sends the updates to your friends, so that you don’t have to feel obligated to send a quick text to them.

Your Friends Will Know Where You Are Literally

Your friends will see your movements on a live map with your ETA. So if you’re one of those people who tell their friends that they’ll be there in 10 but still haven’t left the house, Waze will definitely expose you. It also sends alerts to let your friends know, if you’re running late due to traffic. The same goes if a friend is the one coming to you, you will also get real-time updates of his trip, so that you will know what time he will be arriving.

Going to a Destination with a Group of Friends

The updated version is also perfect if you’re meeting a group of people. Waze will let you know who’s going to arrive, in order, again, without having to update manually. You will also get to see your Waze friends who are in close proximity. Sharing your drive with someone is also made easy in this update. Just tap your friend’s photo and you can share your drive with him. You can also share with multiple people.

Save Shared Location with Waze Friends

Lastly, don’t you hate it when you and your friends frequent a bar, but one of them keeps forgetting the route? You have no choice but to share the location and save it again and again for his use. Well, Waze just made life easier for you and your buddies. The locations sent or exchanged between you and your Waze friends will be automatically saved for future reference.

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