Gmail – List of Amazing Features You Don’t for Free Get with Other Email Providers

One would think, with the tremendous popularity of Google (and how it has very successfully monopolized the handling of almost every necessary Internet-related account for every person) that every single person on the planet would be using Gmail.

And true enough, almost everybody who has an email account uses Gmail. Don’t believe it? Try looking at the email address of your contacts and see just how many of them end with Do not be surprised if you see more than 90 percent of them do. And there are actually very good reasons why people would be interested in using Gmail and stick to it. Gmail has not been around as long as some other emailing platforms that are still around today, but it sure does its job really well. And by the passing of time, it just keeps getting better. Here are only some of the best reasons why people love Gmail.

It’s Easy to Organize Your Mail

For some people, looking through their inbox is a nightmare. It’s not that they don’t like opening their email accounts. It’s just that there are so many different kinds of mail all gathered in one place, and they just got a point where they no longer bothered to sort through the stuff that come in and left many unread. And you know what happens when you do that. The mail keeps coming in, and your ‘Unread’ count just jeeps increasing. Until you’ve gone beyond the one thousand mark and you’ve lost all interest in ever organize your mail. Ever.

Gmail is merciful enough to help users organize their mail more easily, so that opening your email account does not have to be a nightmarish experience. It has default filter settings that you can choose to either use or not use. You can opt to have different tabs on your inbox, with each tab holding different kinds of mail. You can have one tab for your primary mail, another for just regular updates, another for mail from social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook and your blogs, and another one for promotions like regular newsletters.

This way, when you open your inbox, you can go directly to where you want to go and read just what you want to read for that moment. And then when you have time to spare, you can check the other less important mail. You no longer have to do an elaborate sorting job on all the messages that come in.

Access Other Accounts through Gmail

One very ingenious thing that Google did is that they made it a point to make every major and important account connected and easily accessible from just one account—Gmail. This way, when you log into your Gmail account, you get to sync browser settings saved in your Chrome dashboard as well as access other accounts like Google Drive, Google Calendar, and others.

It’s so much more convenient because you don’t have to keep logging in so that you can gain access into the other accounts that you need. Just open your Gmail account, and you are also automatically logged into the other related or connected accounts. Access everything from one place. Save and share information more easily and quickly. It saves you time and energy too.

It Has a Neat Minimalistic Appearance

Nobody likes clutter. But for some reason, other email platforms have all sorts of advertisements, links that you don’t need, and other annoying stuff lying around in several parts of the page. While Gmail has its share of ads and links as well, it does so without being messy about it. If you don’t want to notice the ads, they don’t really appear glaring. And at the same time if you want to read them, you’ll see them well enough. It’s all done very neatly.

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