iPhone 6 – Another Day and It’s Time for Yet Another Rumor to Be Unleashed

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As the releasing day for the iPhone 6 is nearing by, more and more rumors leak out every day.

The much-awaited iPhone 6 is expected to come out next month, in September 2014. Till date, Apple Inc. has been very secretive about its new releases. All that we have heard about the iPhone 6 are rumors, some of which are turning out to be true with pictures of the iPhone 6 smartphone released over a period of time. The iPhone 6 is all set to come with a bigger screen than its predecessors. This has been old news though. What is the latest rumor regarding iPhone 6? Let us find out.

The Latest Rumor

Another day in expectation of the iPhone 6 smartphone release and yet another rumor unleashed. According to the latest rumor, the iPhone 6 is expected to come equipped with a round LED flash. The rumor goes that the Apple would equip the iPhone 6 smartphone with a round ‘True Tone’ LED flash. However, these rumors are accompanied with leaked photographs of the upcoming release from Apple. These pictures have been the primary source to establish the legitimacy of these rumors. According to the latest rumor, Apple would be abandoning its pill-shaped ‘True Tone’ dual-LED flash, as seen in the Apple’s current flagship smartphone, iPhone 5S.

Leaked Images – A Proof

Latest leaked photographs of the iPhone 6 smartphone have been showing change in a number of components. Apart for rumors of the screen size and sapphire display expected to come fitted in the iPhone 6 smartphone, the True Tone flash is expected to feature both amber and white LED’s equipped in a single round flash module.

The new round LED flash component has been incorporated into the alleged iPhone 6 flex cable, which comprises of numerous arms along with a microphone, logic board connector, power button and a round True Tone LED flash. The flex cable had been visible in the photographs of the iPhone 6 smartphone revealed last month. However, those photographs of the Apple’s latest release were of the rear side only, where one was not able to see the flash.

Apple incorporated a dual-LED True Tone flash in its flagship smartphone, iPhone 5S. It replaced the only-white flash component as seen in its predecessors. However, the True Tone LED flash, in the iPhone 5S comes with both white as well as amber LEDs. As a result, the white balance has been improved considerably, along with added support for more than a thousand assorted color temperatures.


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