Roku 3 vs Apple TV – Which Is The Best Video Streaming Box?

Roku 3 and Apple TV are fighting for the supremacy of the best video streaming box, and since both of them are amazing in their own ways, it’s hard to decide which one has more awesome features. One thing is for sure: millions of people from all over the world are using these gadgets and their number is increasing exponentially.

Apple is a respectful brand and every time they release a new product, their fans are ecstatic, knowing automatically that they’ll have to invest a lot of money, but it will be worth the effort. Apple created spectacular smartphones, portable media players and tablets and decided to enter the market of video streaming boxes as well. Apple TV is simply amazing! The first generation was released in 2007 and the third generation (Rev A) came in January 2013. It has 1080p HD programming, 30 entertainment channels, 4 news and 4 music channels, 8 sports channels + 3 channels for kids. The gadget features HDMl audio output, allowing you to connect to a network using a Wireless-N or Ethernet, plus it has digital optical. You can purchase TV shows, movies or music from iCloud, with iTunes Match and stream them easily. The device costs approximately 99 dollars and can be controlled by a remote control.

Roku is another American company that is yearning for success. They manufactured many set top boxes and sold them worldwide. The consumers can enjoy watching their favorite TV shows and movies, play their entertaining games and listen to their cool bands. Roku 3, the third generation, came in March 2013 with a headphone jack and a Wifi direct remote, being more powerful than its predecessors and other devices on the market. The gadget also has 1080p HD programming, more than 70 games, 1500 entertainment channels, 60 news channels, 100 music channels, 60 sports channels and 50 channels for kids. The Roku 3 can be bought from Roku’s website at the price of 99 dollars.



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