Battlefield Hardline Is a New Game and Not BF4 Re-skinned, Says Devs

Battlefield Hardline beta was a great success, according to the statistics released by the game developers at Visceral Games.

Their report goes on to read that millions stolen in Blood Money mode, huge losses incurred, number of vehicles destroyed and much more, to justify that a large group of gamers embraced the game with open arms. Despite all these impressive numbers, there are still people who feel that Hardline is just a re-skinned Battlefield 4, which Electronic Arts is trying to push to gamers with a full price tag. Paying $60 for a game is a common occurrence, but people wish to know whether it is actually a new game or just a DLC that is being sold in the name of a title.

“We have put in a lot of hard work for the past two years and spent sleepless nights, to ensure that Battlefield Hardline is a great experience for gamers. If you take all the human resources, new weapons created, new modes, single player campaign and new vehicles into account, it is indeed a new game that people would enjoy,” say Visceral Games. From what they say, it looks like the team is definitely serious about their upcoming title and wish to make sure that gamers are happy with what they offer.

Why Battlefield Hardline Is Full Price?

The executive producer of the game, Steve Papoutsis, took to Twitter, to answer fan questions and from the way he clarified his answers, it looks like if not all, at least many of the gamers, got convinced. The interview was a long one during which he said, “There are new multi-player modes, new single player missions, new progression, new game play and all new weapons as well as models. Besides, a team has been investing their heart and soul into for two long years, which justifies the price tag”, for a question posed regarding the full $60 price tag.

Apart from that, the producer also spent time talking about tons of new stuff that they planned to bring to Battlefield Hardline. The game producer added that a lot of new stuff coming up will be revealed before the actual release date of the title, so that players can get a good idea of what to expect. It looks like Visceral games want to convince people to buy their game and may show off everything they have to offer, to justify why Hardline is completely different from Battlefield 4.

No More Bugs and Glitches

While doing everything to market the game is normal, Visceral games are definitely doing a great job in fixing bugs and glitches found in Battlefield Hardline. It might have been prompted by EA or maybe the new developers who are venturing into the BF series don’t want to start off with a mediocre affair. The beta was successful and a list of bugs fixed, based on player feedback, was officially listed on the website, while another beta before the release date has also been confirmed. It might just become a good Battlefield game that gamers are looking forward to enjoy!

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