Adobe Flash Player 14 – Features, Updates and Security

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Adobe Flash Player 14 is a highly expressive, lightweight and high performing application that gives uncompromised viewing of videos, content and expressive applications across operating systems, devices, mobile phones and browsers.

Adobe Flash Player 14 helps you deliver a more engaging browsing experience. It is able to do this via its support for the native 64-bit browsers and OS’s, high resolution support bitmap, graphics rendering and asynchronous decoding.

With the Flash Player 14, you will get a host of new features greater security, privacy control and improved performance. It also makes it possible for you to deliver richer apps to a wider device spectrum.

Here Are Some of the Features That Come With the Adobe Flash Player 14

Bitmap control (advanced): It delivers interactivity and smoother animations using asynchronous bitmap decoding, bitmap caching and high resolution bitmap support.

Optimization of SWF file: It delivers SWF files that have been optimized to give faster download via compression algorithm of LZMA.

Multi-core rendering: It has a 1080p video display and builds high-quality performance graphics which take advantage of 4 CPU cores.

Protection of content: It helps to deliver the finest video content via Adobe Access. Adobe access supports a wide range of business models which include live broadcast, subscription, HD rental, electronic sell through and video on demand.

Top-notch services: It engages with viewers with adaptive and optimized bit rate streaming of videos and also has a broad feature set. It also supports the streaming standards for RTMP and HDS. Progressive video enables flexible and efficient delivery of video content across different CDN configurations and networks.

High Definition quality video: It allows you to play HD video quality with codecs like MP3, AAC and H.264. It also uses chipsets and GPU hardware enhancements that scale in different platforms to give you the best video performance.

Supports full-screen: It delivers full-screen games with full support of keyboard across operating systems (Windows and Mac) and browsers (including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome).

Concurrency: It creates more responsive, high-performance content and games, using shared ByteArray support and ActionScript workers. Share memory machine resources by offloading all tasks to all background workers that operate concurrently.

Mouse control has been enhanced: You can create panoramic, immersive games that can use infinite scrolling, middle and right click events, comparative mouse coordinates and mouse lock.

Stage 3D: Adobe Flash Player 14 also allows you to build blazing-fast, stunning cinematic 3D and 2D games. You are also able to use fully accelerated GPU rendering. GPU rendering leverages the DirectX and OpenGL graphics power.

AGAL V2 has the following improvements: the register size has been increased – there are partial derivative instructions, fragment depth output and a conditional forward jump.

Adobe Flash Player 14 was released to address some bug, that was said, could allow attackers to steal the cookies that are used to authenticate a user’s website. It has been said that this bug had been given the highest level of threat rating by Adobe.

People using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer do not have to update to this new version as their Flash players will automatically update.


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