9Gag vs. Reddit: Which is the Better one among the Two?

We all love memes which can bring in a good laugh. The internet offers some of the best sites where you can simply scroll through the countless memes and have a laugh riot. Two of the top sites that fall in this category have to be 9Gag and Reddit.

Both these sites are extremely popular and have always been noted for their humorous content. However, they have always been pitted against each other too, because Reddit vs. 9Gag has been an ongoing war now.

Does 9Gag Steal Meme?

Reddit users often complain 9Gag of stealing the memes. The internet is full of news which states that 9Gag memes are mostly unoriginal as they have been ripped from other sites. Not only this, there is also a complaint that the memes are mostly not funny and the popularity of the site 9Gags therefore dwindled a great deal.

Reddit on the other hand has not faced such complains. There are various categories and subcategories found in this site and one can find memes in different areas. You can create a Reddit account with ease. You do not even need your email address for the sake of completing the registration.

You can easily share contents, like the posts and comment upon the same as well. This is also the same way which 9Gag operates. You can share the content and the links to stories and users can vote up your posts and comment on them.

Further, 9Gag is also infamous for the active involvement of the moderators. The moderators assume complete control over what gets listed on the top pages. Further, users have also reported that if you post anything remotely related to Reddit, even in the comments, such comments are hidden.

Apart from this, there are complaints, that you will rarely find the sources of the images that are listed. 9Gag users are branded to be those who steal content from other sites and post it under their name.
One cannot be sure as to whether all these claims are true; however, the popularity that Reddit enjoys has been increasing at a huge rate.

Is Reddit The Best Site?

It would be wrong to term Reddit as the best site, because we have loyal 9Gag fans, who are going to vouch for this site. However, if you are looking for something really funny to make your day, you can fall back on either of these sites and surf through the images and content.

Reddit is likely to have more original content and perhaps funnier pictures too. However, do not write off 9Gag just yet. Those who love humor are going to take a fancy to both these sites.

You can create a profile on both the portals and then find out which one seems to suit your taste in the best manner. If you are looking for refreshing and creative humor, you are likely to prefer Reddit to 9Gag. However, 9Gag too has some brilliantly funny memes which you can enjoy as well. Vote up the posts you like and earn badges and more. Getting involved in the community can be extremely rewarding too.

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