WhatsApp Is Back on Windows – Better and Richer

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With the unexpected disappearance of WhatsApp from Windows phone recently, the users and fans were mystified and further stunned, when Microsoft and WhatsApp collaborated to state that the disappearance of WhatsApp would be indefinite.

The popular instant messaging application had made its run from Windows phone following the recurring crash reports that halted the regular working of the phone itself. Even the sales of its new rival applications, like Telegram, had increased double fold in the same week. Now leaving everything in the past, WhatsApp has come back with an adequate apology to its users in the form of amazing fixes and newer features.

WhatsApp Version 2.11.490.0

In a cleverly wrapped gift of customizable tones for notifications, WhatsApp has resurrected the version 2.11.490.0 with all necessary fixes and new features. The night before, Microsoft official Joe Belfiore tweeted the return of WhatsApp at around 05:00 pm. He tweeted, “WHATSAPP IS BACK! HAPPY WEEKEND!”.

All the users who were frustrated over their new devices just not showing up WhatsApp, along with the users who uninstalled WhatsApp on a frustrated note, can now download the app from the above Windows Store Official Link. Also, the existent users can update their instant-messaging application from the link above.

The new edition has completely fixed the hanging-up of the device when a notification popped up. With that, WhatsApp has brought forth a new array of goodies too. The features include a variety of Chat backgrounds, Broadcast Lists, better Privacy Settings, Auto-download for all media, Custom tones for notifications (!) and bug fixes. The apology for the notifications bug has been dug-in, to update the new tones for chats on the application. The new version has an incredible chat interface with smooth and fast user ability as well. For Privacy settings, go to settings, tap on account and then click privacy; for automatic media download options, go to settings, then tap on chat settings and click on media auto-download and for customizing the tones for chat notifications, the Windows phone update 3 is the requirement. The Chat background image selection includes a wide variety of usual windows backgrounds like abstract, flowers, autumn, aurora, virtual magic grid, walls and sky. While downloading the new version now, the users would also witness a download status bar.

Addressing General Issues

Users must make sure that the download is stored to the phone, and not the SD card. For users who try to download it to the SD card, the application resets on its own, midway after asking them to tap on the screen. Also, when a data sense query pops up, change your data sense to ‘not specified’ and open the application; the changes you require can be updated after that. For other issues, users should try uninstalling the entire application and install it again. After installation, the newer version will work better and faster as well. Also with the resurrection of WhatsApp, Windows 8.1 has its own official file manager, which is titled Files.

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