Free Ways to Upload iPhone 5s Slow Motion Video to Instagram

Part of the fun of taking cool or crazy videos is being able to share them easily with others. One way to do so is by uploading to the popular social site Instagram. If you are creating slow motion video on your iPhone 5s, though, getting the video from your phone to Instagram may prove to be a bit tricky, as Instagram is not supported by the Share sheet. Here are the details and tips you need to know to get your slo-mo video up and running on Instagram with as few headaches as possible.

Slow-Mo Drawbacks

To start the process, you need to create your video. The Apple iPhone 5s can capture 120 frames per second, allowing users to take super-clear videos of fast action, such as sporting events. The fun part, however, is taking a video and then playing it back at a fourth of its original speed, resulting in slow motion video clips that are just begging to be shared. The iPhone 5s easily uploads slo-mo clips to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo straight from the slo-mo tool, but Instagram, sadly, is not on this list. You will have to get it there in a slightly different way once you have your slo-mo video created and set exactly as you want it to appear.

Method #1

Open your video clip that you want to upload to Instagram. Select Share, followed by Mail. This will create a compressed version of your clip and attach it to an empty E-mail. Send the E-mail with the compressed clip attachment to yourself. Once the E-mail comes through, click on the video to download. Next, select Share again, and then choose Save Video. You can then upload it to Instagram or other third party sites. There may be some quality loss due to the compression, but this method will get the job done.

Method #2

Another way to get your slo-mo video to Instagram is by enlisting the help of another iPhone 5s user. Share your video clip with the other iPhone 5s using either AirDrop, Shared Stream, or iMessage. Use the Share option to export the clip, and then you or your friend can upload it to Instagram using the second device. This keeps the video in slo-mo format, but it is a bit of a hassle. Oddly, if you try to share it with yourself using one of these methods, the video will just display at regular speed.

Method #3

A third way to get slo-mo video from iPhone 5s to Instagram is by enlisting the help of your Mac or PC. You can E-mail the clip to yourself from your phone, and then open it on your computer using Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, or other editing software. At this point, you can slow the video down and re-save it, then upload the final product to Instagram. While this works well, it does require the download of a capable editing software program.

Method #4

Use iMovie on your iPhone 5s! Every 5s got this movie editing application for free, isn’t it?

The Bottom Line

In the future, we hope that Apple will provide iPhone 5s users with some sort of an easy solution (Like Save As Slow Motion option) to uploading slo-mo clips to Instagram. While there has been no mention of any fixes, at least we have the above four options for the time being. Eventually, perhaps Instagram will make some changes to deal with this issue, considering that there are so many iPhone 5s users with Instagram accounts who crave this kind of capability. Perhaps if enough people complain about it, something will eventually get done.

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