iPad Mini 2 vs iPad Air – Pricing and Specifications Compared

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The presence of a miniature version of a popular device has not only provided several users to come closer to the experience of the bigger and more expensive cousin.

Several companies have adopted this strategy over the years. Apple is probably one latest to successfully implement it with its iPad range, which is offered in a full-size and miniature version. The two versions recently got upgraded to the latest generations through the iPad Mini 2 and the iPad Air.

Design Aand Screen

Apple has managed to once again stun the industry by reducing the footprint of the two iPads even further. The iPad was already one of the thinnest devices in the market. It got better following the introduction of the iPad Air, which is just 7.5 mm thick. The iPad Mini 2 also has the same thickness, but its dimensions are even more compact due to the use of a smaller display.

The company has not changed anything with regard to the screen size, as they remain the same 9.7 inches on the iPad Air. The iPad Mini 2 retains the same 7.9 inches from the previous generation unit. Both devices come with the retina display, which has become extremely famous and now features a dedicated line-up of apps on the app store.

Memory Options

Apple has always provided a lot of memory options for users of its device. The iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 are no exception because they come with memory ranging from as low as 16 GB and going all the way up to 128 GB. Since there is no option to expand the memory using memory cards, it is advisable to stick with a larger memory considering that the two devices represent the ultimate powerhouse in terms of multimedia.


The iPad Mini 2 is almost identical to the larger iPad Air in every regard of the connectivity department except one feature – Wi-Fi hotspot. Apart from this aspect, the iPad Mini 2 has options like Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, and 3G connectivity (depending upon the model). For those going for the 3G option in the device, the iPad Air and the iPad Mini 2 will support in excess of 40 MB per second in terms of download speed.


Even though the smartphones from Apple have done extremely well in terms of camera, the iPad range certainly does not have the best in this regard. Both devices come with only a five megapixel camera, which has features like autofocus. Flash is missing from both devices, but the presence of an intuitive interface coupled with features like video stabilization helps it overcome the negative aspects. The front facing 1.2 megapixel camera will be able to do 720p videos, which will become handy during Facetime calling.


Even though the iPad range retails at the top end of the tablet PC segment, it offers buyers a range of options with connectivity and mentoring variants. The cheapest iPad Mini 2 starts at $ 375, while the iPad Air is priced at around $ 470.

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