Temple Run 2 – Best Cheats & Tricks to get a High Score

Temple Run 2 is one of the most addictive endless running games available on the mobile market today.

However, getting the desired high score can be a hassle. Whether you want to prove to yourself that you are the best player out there or you are in a competition with your friends, we’ve gathered some Temple Run 2 Cheats & Tricks to help you out with your mission.

Get the Best Upgrades

Every player has his/her own game style. One of the best Temple Run 2 tips is to focus on getting the best upgrades that fit your style. The upgrades cost quite a lot of in-game coins and if you don’t want to spend any additional money, you should choose the upgrades that give you just the right boost. For example, if you are a starter, the coin magnet will be a huge help to you, as it will let you focus on your running and not as much on collecting the coins.

Complete the Free Stuff Tasks

If you are a new player in Temple Run 2, then you can get a few free coins without even having to play the game. To do so, simply visit the in-game app store and check out the “Get Free Stuff” option. There you can find the free stuff tasks, which give you additional coins. All you need to do is give a ‘like’ on the game’s Facebook page and follow them on twitter and you will get a few coins to start you up in the game.

Focus on Stage Objectives

One of the best ways to get a ton of coins in Temple Run 2 is via the stage objectives. Every time you run, make sure to aim and focus on completing a stage objective mission. By doing so you will ensure that you will have just the right amount of coins in order to purchase the upgrades you need.

Aim at Timing Your Jumps

The only way you can achieve the best high scores in Temple Run 2 is to practice and play a lot. However, when you do so, make sure to aim at honing your skills. One of the best things to learn in the game is how to time your jumps. When you spot two obstacles that are close to one another, for example, try to time your jump in order to avoid them both. Swiping at the right moment is the most crucial part of the gameplay of Temple Run 2.

Power Ups are Sometimes Not Worth It

Most Temple Run 2 players try to focus on getting every power up in the game. However, this is sometimes not the best strategy. If you notice a power up close to the edge and you are not sure if you will be able to get it, then, simply ignore it.

Temple Run 2 is definitely a great game. Even though there are some tips and cheats to help you out in the game, the best advice is to enjoy the game and play it as much as you can.

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