Steam Summer Sale 2014 Unofficially Confirmed For 19th June

Before you start questioning what, where and how, know this! Steam is not going to make any official announcements until the last minute and you know that already.

They are always busy with one thing or the other, but suddenly the Steam Summer Sale announcement will go live on their forum a day before or worse on the same day when your favorite games are already discounted. This is the closest that you can get to knowing an actual date. The news was confirmed in the NEOGAF forum, where many users have poured in multiple sources, including a closed group note that has been sent to developers. Even though, the note doesn’t specify any date, it requests them to specify their discounts before June 13th which confirms the upcoming sale. With only a couple of days to go, it is time to stop eating and start saving for your most wanted games. Make sure to mark the date and if you haven’t created a wish list for all your favorite titles, do so now because they will notify you whenever they go on a discount which will make it much easier to purchase without fumbling through the huge store.

Avoiding Backlogs

The best way to avoid backlogs during Steam Summer Sale 2014 is to buy the games you most love and those titles that have great replay value. There are titles like the Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition, Rayman, Awesomenauts, among others, which are always fun to play with a friend or two. They are more like console games which you can download anytime and start playing with a couple of controllers. The same goes for games like Sleeping Dogs, Watch Dogs or Bioshock Infinite, which are cult classics that can ideally be in your games list. Most gamers are already saving up on titles for the upcoming Steam Box. If you have a bunch of good games to play when the console cum PC launches in 2015, it will be all the more fun. There is no news on the games that are scheduled to be discounted this year, but Steam is known for their aggressive discounts that made them the most popular platform for games and this year will be no different, we presume.

Keeping Track

Keeping track of the latest discounts is much easier because there are plenty of websites that provide this service for free. Cheapsharks is a popular page where players regularly flock, to know the latest and greatest discounts. It is a comprehensive website which not only covers Steam Summer Sale 2014 but keeps track of all the deals on Amazon, GOG and Origin, among other services. You can setup a deal alert or set a specific pricing for the game. Whenever the title goes down the specified number, it will automatically send you an e-mail so that you could go purchase it from the seller. For everyone who is proud of owning a high powered PC and is still not ready to go for any next gen consoles, the sale is a great place to be, which reiterates why being a PC gamer rocks.

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