Fallout 4 Release Date Confirmed By Xbox One E3 Lineup

The biggest issue that gamers face now is the fact that rumors generated about Fallout 4 are extremely original.

These days they find it difficult to split between good and bad rumors. Some are actually true where it claims that the game is set in Boston, Nuka Cola was registered by Zenimax studios among many others. But, there are so many others including the elaborate one pulled by Survivor 2299 which looks so legit but they are actually fake speculations generated simply to add hype to the game. Even the Survivor is now busy building a mod for Fallout 3 while others may have taken up his place. The game is a multi-platform title which will get released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One when it comes out but the leak has come from the Microsoft stable.

Xbox Games Lineup Leaked

Earlier, the PS4 game line-up got leaked through an unnamed blog and the newest Xbox One game line-up has Fallout 4 listed in it. It looks quite interesting because Bethesda may have picked the platform to show one of their best games of all time. It could also be just a teaser announcement as the company earlier did with their Halo 5 game, but either way, if some sort of confirmation comes from the team, the players will be happier than ever. The entire player community has been continuously harassed by fake rumors and speculations for almost three years now. All they have been asking from Bethesda is to say whether such a game is in development or not. Obsidian entertainment the company which created New Vegas, the last in the Fallout series is not working on a new game which got recently confirmed with their upcoming projects line up.

No Studios Confirmed Yet

With so much speculation surrounding Fallout 4, only a renowned game developer can handle the title and bring out a noteworthy end product. Bethesda is working on it right now as Todd Howard confirmed in his press statement. He said that the team is busy trying out different ideas and wishes to see how they could shape it up. The huge success of Skyrim plays an integral role in the upcoming Fallout game because they are now planning to support mods officially because of which the game got more replay value and some crazy ideas that pushed the limits to the maximum extent.

You can have every reason to believe that Fallout 4 could be announced during the E3 press conference by Microsoft or it could simply be shown at the Bethesda booth. At the Pax conference held this year the publishers were busy selling Pip Boy plush toy which was the only thing related to the game. Even though, it was a disappointment for fans, most were happy to know that the developers at least remember them and haven’t abandoned the franchise altogether. The game is going to be a huge hit and will make heads turn if announced during the biggest gaming expo. With just weeks to go, it’s almost here.

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