Steam Summer Sale 2014 – Day 4 Offers Tomb Raider, South Park and More

With so many games getting released every other day, it becomes extremely difficult to purchase them all.

It is not only because of budget constraints but also when it comes to gaming, you should be ready to invest a couple of hours into each title to explore them. Answering all your prayers is the Steam Summer Sale 2014 which is a great way for PC gamers to buy some of the hottest games at unbelievable prices.

The sale is one for four days now and on the fourth day the developers have come up with the big guns. The most popular titles of the day include Borderlands 2, Outlast, Tomb Raider and South Park Stick of Truth. All of them are a bit old but are definitely worthy additions because a title like Borderlands 2 offers plenty of game time with huge maps and it also has co-op campaigns. If you have a friend or two, make sure to buy two different copies which will make it easier to experience the game from a whole new perspective. The title’s game of the year edition is also available which comes with special content.

Not So Great Sales

Usually, sales from Valve’s digital distribution system are exceptionally huge and has great hype associated with it. However, things are different this year, because the sale didn’t feature any amazing or must have titles right from the first day. Going by this trend, it is difficult to predict the level of success that the sale will achieve this year. The offer period will continue till the end of June which still sheds hope on those who are waiting to check out some of their favorite titles on offer. This year, the company has introduced plenty of new features including a team system. The team that wins every day will get three games on their wish list for free. You can find more details about being part of a team by going through the dedicated page found in your Steam interface. The offer is more tactical because in order to become the highest rated group, everyone in it has to keep shopping for more games. Players have been consistently complaining that because of these enticing sales, they keep purchasing games that they may never play but are still inclined to buy them out of curiosity. This system, of rewarding teams, is further expected to push sales while draining more wallets.

New Titles Expected

In the coming days, Steam Summer Sale 2014 is expected to introduce some noteworthy titles. Some good ones which are on discount at the moment include Sleeping Dogs, Natural Selection 2, Fable The Lost Chapters and Transformers War for Cybertron. The Wolf Among US on PC for $9 is another great addition for PC gamers because the Windows version is much more sophisticated in terms of graphics and is expected to offer a better experience than its console counterparts. Keep your fingers crossed and let’s hope better titles spring up in the upcoming days.

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