What WhatsApp Offers to the Corporate World

The mobile phone industry started with simple mobile phones.

The chief purpose of the phones was merely to allow people to call one another. This implies that phones had very little functionality. However, with just a few years of advancement, mobile phones have been fitted with many features that have enhanced their performances. This advancement has seen the emergence of smartphones that continue to have numerous modifications. The smartphones have come with apps in several categories including social media apps, navigation, weather forecast apps and many others.

Mobile Devices That Support WhatsApp

WhatsApp messenger is an exclusive, cross-platform with an instant messaging service that is apparently available for all smartphones. It enables the user to send text messages, video and audio messages as well as other forms. The app is available and supported by the following mobile phone operating systems:

  • BlackBerry OS
  • Android
  • Blackberry 10
  • Series 40
  • iOS,
  • Windows
  • Symbian Phone

What are the Business Prospects of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp can bear 10 billion messages in a single day. This service is not charged anything. However, after lapse of one year, it will cost you $1. This platform is very useful tool for messaging colleagues as well being used as campaign tool to trigger market leads. This application is free of charge and capable of serving a strong marketing channel having the capability of attracting prospects for your corporate more than any other platform.

Why Use WhatsApp for Business?

You should consider using WhatsApp for your corporate marketing campaign and that is because the App is free. You are in a position to transmit texts with no limits. Everyone prefers to use the app since it relieves one the burden of going to a website to put details or certify your identity so as to use it. All that you need is a mobile phone number.

WhatsApp versus MMS/SMS

WhatsApp has enhanced features compared to the conservative MMS or SMS. For instance, it allows you to send files ranging from audio ones to simple texts. Knowing that MMS are costly to use, the app offers a cheap alternative for the sender as he could convey his message to numerous prospects and customers.

The app also allows you to include your GPs to your store location, audio, image and product video all at once. The service can therefore be said to support everything. You also have the advantage of creating your own WhatsApp group as well as sending an invitation to ask your client to join. Therefore, this app can be capable of doing everything that a traditional SMS or e-mail cannot do. Additionally, the app is kept abreast and everyone tends to be fond of it, therefore people using it rarely leave their mobile phones.

It is no doubt that a message conveyed via WhatsApp enjoys immediate and optimum coverage across the globe. It remains to be seen how much the app can benefit the business world. Although it was engineered to avoid adverts run on it, its users have the means, the will and the opportunity of making it a channel of business communication.

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