WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Plus – What’s The Difference?

We all use WhatsApp, but have you heard of WhatsApp Plus? WhatsApp Plus is extremely popular too and here are the main features so that you can determine which among them should be used.

Is WhatsApp Plus Different?

WhatsApp Plus is essentially a modified version of WhatsApp as it gives you the extra facility for making customization and tweaking the look.

There have been a few questions regarding whether it is legal to use the app, but we do not have any concrete answers so far. We will take a look at the key features that you get when you install WhatsApp Plus.

Visual Themes

The reason why you should use WhatsApp Plus is the type of themes and features that you can get. There are more than 700 different themes that are available and you have the option of choosing the one which you deem fit.

When you apply a theme, you will be able to revamp the look of the app entirely. There are diverse options to pick from, and you are likely to find something which will suit your needs.

You do not have any similar features in WhatsApp and if you love to have themes and colors, you should choose WhatsApp Plus over WhatsApp.

Want More Emoticons?

While WhatsApp has many emoticons to use, some of us may crave for more. If you fall in the latter category; WhatsApp Plus has the right solution for you. You will find an even larger number of emoticons including those which are found in Google Hangouts. So, express more freely and use different emoticons to make your point.

File Sizes

When you are uploading files, you will get the option to change the size and quality of the multimedia files. This is an extremely useful feature and allows you to configure the amount of data you spend when you are sending files.

Hiding the Last Seen Feature

There was a time when this was one of the hyped features offered by WhatsApp Plus. You could hide your online status; however, this was a premium feature for which you needed to pay. Recently, WhatsApp added this facility at no extra cost and it gave a major blow to WhatsApp Plus.

Now, you can hide your last seen time in both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.

The Final Verdict

One major problem with WhatsApp Plus is that it needs uninstalling of WhatsApp. There are a few users who had problems in using WhatsApp plus initially. You should check out the details prior to making a final call.WhatsApp Plus is basically meant for those who are very particular of the interface and are looking for more design and colors to play with.

While the functionality is nearly the same for both the apps, it is WhatsApp Plus that will really add the right touch of colors. You will be able to do a lot more with WhatsApp Plus. There is no harm trying it out once; however, if you do not want any additional hassles, WhatsApp might be the smarter choice for you.

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