Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs iPad Air – Comparison of Specifications and Pricing

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Apple has been consistently reducing the footprint of the iPad with every new version.

However, they have taken this aspect to a whole new level following the launch of the iPad Air, which will be one of the thinnest tablets in the market. Despite boasting much better specifications than before, the device will be measuring just 7.5 mm thickness. Samsung has been promoting the Galaxy Note series as a tablet replacement.


It seems that Samsung Galaxy Note will struggle against the might of the iPad Air or will it? The Galaxy Note 4 certainly loses out in the screen size department. Even though Samsung has been steadily increasing the screen size of the Galaxy Note series, it is looking highly unlikely that the Galaxy Note 4 will feature a display that is much larger than 6 inches. This straightaway puts it at a disadvantage compared to the 9.7 inch model of the iPad Air. Disadvantage in one area equals to advantage in the other.


Performance has always been a fine aspect of the iPad range and this is once again proved in the iPad Air. Despite featuring the latest iOS 7, this device is capable of much better load times than before. This is due to the new dual core 1.3 GHz A7 processor at the heart of the device. In comparison, the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to come with a quad core Snapdragon or octa core Exynos processor.

Even though the processor is likely to be twice as fast as the one found on the Apple device, the iPad Air is superior in this regard, just like every other Apple device in the past.


The iPad Air features a five megapixel rear camera and a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera in order to support Facetime. This feature is likely to be trampled quite badly by the features on the Galaxy Note 4. This device is widely expected to come with a 21 megapixel camera. Even in the worst case scenario, it will feature the 16 megapixel camera from the Galaxy S5. Apart from features like 4K video recording and others, this camera is also likely to be backed by a far better three megapixel front facing camera.


Right now, the iPad Air is available in numerous memory options that start with just 16 GB of internal storage and going up to a maximum of 128 GB. The Samsung device may not offer such wide range of options, but it will come with external memory card support – just like every other Samsung high-end mobile phone – to allow the user to expand the memory depending upon their wish.

The cheapest version of the iPad Air with only 16 GB memory and Wi-Fi connectivity costs $500. The top end model with 3G and 128 GB memory will cost $920. The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to cost around $700.

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