iPhone 6 Approaching – Top 5 Most Expected Features

The iPhone 6’s release date is approaching fast and we keep getting more leaks about this upcoming device. Here are 5 features to expect from Apple’s upcoming smartphone.

Two iPhone 6 variants

Apple will release the iPhone 6 in two variants of displays: a 5.5inches one and a 4.7inches one. While the 4.7inch model will most likely replace the iPhone 5S (which has a 4inch display), the 5.7inch model will be the first Apple phablet.

iPhone and iWatch integration

Analysts are sure that when the iPhone 6 will be released, Apple will release their iWatch also. The iPhone will come with some great features for the iWatch, and a lot of Apple fans will want to buy both devices when they will be released.

iOS 8

One of the most expected mobile operating systems is Apple’s iOS 8, which was unveiled last month and it will surely be installed on the future released iPhones.

Tougher and slimmer

There are many rumors saying that Apple will use Liquidmetal material for iPhone 6’s carcass and this will make the device tougher.

The new iPhone 6 will not come with the 3.5mm Audio port and, instead of that, it will use the Lightning universal connectivity. With the 3.5 mm Audio being removed, the device will be slimmer and with the introduction of the Lightning universal connectivity, the headphones will come with more control on your device, allowing you to answer calls or change songs etc.

Wireless charging

iPhone will most likely come with a great charging element located on its non-removable back cover, which will let users recharge the phone without having to plug it to any power source.

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