Resident Evil 7 Release Date for PS4 – What About Xbox One?

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There are rumors saying that Resident Evil 7 will most likely come somewhere later this year. However, there are many speculations according to which, Resident Evil 7 0 which is one of the most popular survival games, will be available somewhere in the fall of 2015.

Resident Evil 7 was confirmed to be released for PS4. However, the game might come for Xbox One or Wii U as well.

AirHerald website said that it’s something normal “for Japanese media to only publicize the PS4 release in their mainstream press releases”.

Resident Evil 7 will be most likely related to the “Resident Evil: Retribution” movie.

New details about Resident Evil 7 are pointing that some known characters from Resident Evil movie will return in this game. It is rumored that Alice, the main character from the Resident Evil movie series, will be one of the characters that will delight the players.

The rumors don’t stop here. Alice might be voice be Milla Jorovich herself, the actress who plays the role of Alice in the movie. Anyway, Capcom denied these rumors, saying that Alice will not be a part of the upcoming Resident Evil 7.

In the meantime, Steam Summer Sale is ongoing and one of their deals includes the Resident Evil 4 game. Gamers can buy Resident Evil 4 at a 40% discount. Visit Steam’s page now and find out more details about their Flash Sales or Daily Deals. Will Resident Evil 7 come only for PS4 or is it going to come for Xbox One and Wii U also?


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