New Features of Adobe Flash Player 14 for Developers

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Adobe Flash Player enhances the browser speed, streaming, access and compatibility.

Its functions include support on stand alone games and applications. It contributes to the performance of the games and makes a better graphics. The game will be more responsive and faster. It also affects the quality of videos. Streaming videos on browsers needs a flash player to run it, so Adobe Flash Player is a necessity for every technology. Developers seek more upgrades on this software to have more efficient and effective outputs.

Fixed AIR Bugs

AIR stands for Adobe Integrated Runtime. This is a system runtime that helps developers on their work. Adobe received different bug issues collected on feedbacks from Adobe Flash Player 13. Issues regarding problems on iOS, Android operating system and Win had been fixed by the company.

Fixed Flash Player Bugs

The fixed bugs are mostly on chrome and operating systems. This includes the problems on browser games such as Angry Birds. The company improved the capabilities of Windows 8 which has better performance and better stability. The development enhances security and stability, together with performance and compatibility.

Anisotropic Filtering

It is a process of improving the quality of images most likely on their textures. The texture refers to the surfaces of computer graphics. In Adobe Flash Player 14, the new texture filter can enhance the quality of images.

New Stage3D “Stardard” Profile

These improvements will help the developers to have more options because of its 3 new features. First, the Multiple Render Target which allows the user to draw geometry up to 4 outputs during one drawing. Second, Floating Point Texture which also allows the user to have geometric textures. And lastly, the Adobe Graphics Assembly Language v2 which developed the register size, derivative instructions, depth output and conditional forward jump.

Added Intel x 86 Android Supports

The company added a support for Intel x86 Android Support to AIR.  It added a new command line option which allows packaging apps for androids. More commands have been added for developers’ convenience.

Improved Packaging Engine for iOS

Adobe added many improvements for iOS. Many bug fixes have been made for the new packing engine. The company encourages users to give more feedback in order to be able to fix bug reports. They also added new commands for compiling applications.

AIR Gamepad

The gamepad enables the developers to create another screen for Android devices. It is only for browser games that are supported by Adobe Flash Player. This feature allows browser applications to connect to Android mobiles. With this, you can now play smoothly using your phone and you don’t have to play on computer. The gamepad enables Android devices to be used as game controllers.

The company still continues to improve its flash player to help developers and also users on their works. Thus, it will also improve other connected stuffs like videos and games. They base their improvements on feedbacks from their consumers and return the favor.

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