HTC One M8 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Camera Comparison

HTC and Samsung have long been battling for the top position in the race for the best smartphones.

One of the best ways to compare top quality smartphones is by comparing the camera abilities. Both phones sport amazing cameras that shoot amazing photos and videos. However, there has to be one that is more superior to the other, even though it is hard for the naked eye to discern.

The camera is a major differentiating aspect when it comes to premium phones like the HTC one M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5. The HTC One M8 comes with a front wide angled selfie camera and a duo rear camera while the Samsung S5 sports a 16MP sensor camera with a phase detection feature. In theory, both phones offer excellent features with their cameras, but how exactly do they perform?

The HTC One M8

This phone comes with an ultra-pixel back camera while the front camera boasts an impressive 5MP. Owing to the fact that the rear camera of the HTC One had the same 4MP sensor as is found on the M8, the rear camera is not one of this phone’s strong points. While this camera is ideal for capturing low-light situation pictures, it lags behind the S5, in terms of detail. Also, the color reproduction is not as good as it is on the S5.

The camera of the M8 comes with an LED dual core flash even though it does not offer very natural results. However, photos taken with the M8 in HDR mode come with good contrast. Generally, the camera application offers a faster experience and faster processing.

The 2nd lens is ideal for detection and separation of foregrounds and backgrounds. It is also ideal for scanning depths and adding of information to the picture even though it hardly captures images. The duo-camera feature gives you the ability to alter the depth, create silhouettes and also add effects using the UFocus effect. The camera also allows you to cut and paste photos and the Dimension Plus effects allow you to shoot 3D like photos.

Generally, the camera works well most of the time, but cannot be compared to the S5. However, this phone beats the S5 when it comes to selective focus. This phone is ideal for selfies as it offers high quality images. Video capturing is also good with this phone’s camera. It also offers slow motion ability.

The Galaxy S5

This phone comes with a 16Mp back camera with a 1/2.6 sensor and an f/2.2 aperture. Image capturing with this phone is the best amongst the two. It offers accurate color reproduction, contrast and detail. This phone can take quality images even in low light.

The Samsung S5 comes with fast autofocus phase detection. The phone also has an ISOCELL image sensor which prevents light leaking among pixels and the result is better reproduction of color. Unfortunately, this camera does not come with an image stabilizer.

The front facing camera in the S5 boasts a 2MP ability which can take decent selfies, but cannot match taking selfies with the M8. The S5 can shoot 4K high resolution videos and also offer slow motion recording.

Overall, the Galaxy S5 is consistent when taking quality photos and shooting quality videos. It is also fast enough and reliable. On a scale of 1 to 10 (low to high), in camera competence, the S5 hits a good 9 while the HTC M8 hits an average 7.

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