Mozilla Firefox vs Internet Explorer Browser Download

Mozilla entered the browser field with a bang. Indeed, it looked as if Mozilla was almost obliterating the relevance of Internet explorer.

Internet explorer has over the time been pushed by other more assertive and dynamic browsers including Google Chrome and Safari.

Free Internet Explorer Fights Back the Mozilla Onslaught

However, Microsoft, the developers of the oldest browser available for users of Windows operating systems upon installation, was not about to relent. Mozilla faced a real match when IE released its latest Internet Explorer 9. The new Internet Explorer browser sports all the features that Mozilla used to elbow it to the side. Further, there is the compatibility aspect that the new explorer browser carries. It is compatible with the windows Vista Operating system as well. Critics have observed that the internet community is likely to begin shifting its allegiance towards the new Internet Explorer browser.

Healthy Competition

 The entry of other browsers to offer services to internet users side by side with Internet explorer must be credited for the fast evolution of the browsing experience. Microsoft has also been kept on tows to ensure that it remains responsive to customer needs. The wars have therefore proved extremely beneficial to the end user. You now have the liberty to surf the internet with your preferred browser chosen from an almost literally simmering pot of browsers angling to outwit each other. The latest development by Internet explorer may only serve to slow down the rate at which Mozilla has been eating into the market share that previously belonged to other browsers.

Just Before You Blink

Firefox 4 is out just before you blink. The new look Mozilla browser features enhanced search speeds, reinvented and repackaged looks and starling efficiencies. Mozilla never seems to miss its target whenever they pull out their surprise out of the bag. The number of downloads of the new Firefox 4 had already hit 400,000 by close of day 1 of the browser launch. It remains to be seen whether the move will shake Internet explorer 9 to its roots. The Firefox release comes hot on the heels of the launch of Internet Explorer 9 which was launched a few weeks ago.

Winning Back Lost Clients

Both Internet Explorer and Mozilla hope that their latest updates will help them win back the chunks of users they quickly lost to Google Chrome and Safari. Internet Explorer was the biggest loser in the browser wars. Though it controlled up to 88 % of users in the early years of the new millennium, the latest figures show that Internet Explorer currently only controls 26% of the browser market. Mozilla also lost but maintains a respectable 42%.

What Stands Out In the New Mozilla and Internet Explorer Iterations?

The effort to improve browsers by the two old players in the browsing niche must be commended. The combined options, fields, tools and buttons located at the top of the browsers have helped free up lots of space for display. Firefox 4 claims that their new release is thrice faster when compared to the earlier version. Its counterpart Internet Explorer 9 says that it carries a feature that alerts you of the plugins interfering with the browser speed. Time is certainly the wise judge for the endless browser wars.


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