Microsoft Office 2007 – Best Tricks and Tips of 2014

How to view documents as Drafts

One thing that is annoying in Word 2007 is that the program doesn’t automatically let you open a document in <Draft> view. However, you can <fix> this inconvenience and to do this, click on the <Office> button, go to Word Options -> Advanced -> General and then click the box next to <Allow opening a document in Draft View>.

Displaying Formatting Marks

Some people don’t care much about the marks of paragraphs and spaces, while some Word 2007 users can’t live without them. To see them, go to the Office button -> Word Options -> Display, and below <Always show these formatting marks on the screen>, you’ll notice a box for paragraph marks and space, and whatever you need.

Enable Grammar & Style

Word can check your spelling and your grammar. Now it can even tell you if your writing style is awful. To enable is feature, go to the Office button -> Word Options -> Proofing and below the Writing style, check for Grammar and Style.

Use the old office file formats

The latest Office version comes with new file extensions that are not compatible with the previous Office programs. However, you can save your files using the old format so that the other people who an older Office version will be able to open them. To save your files using the old format, click on <Save as> and next to the <Save files in this format>, then select .doc, which is Word 2003’s old format.

How to display page breaks in Excel

When you have problems while printing an Excel file, you can go to the Office button and below the Excel Options click <Advanced>. Next, you will have to click the box close to <Show page breaks>, whose location is below <Display options for this worksheet>.


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