Flappy Bird – Flap above the Maddening Mechanics

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To win a decent score in an impossibly brilliant game is harder than hardest, and that’s the Flappy Bird game for you.

You fall so fast, you lose your life so recklessly; but the more you get your hands over this game, the harder it gets to reduce your obsession. Getting yourself practiced on certain tips and tricks makes you win a match and Flappy Bird gameplay tops the list of such games. Read through the tips and tricks and get your wings so rapidly flapping to reach great heights… there you fly!!

Tune to the Rhythm

Yes, all that fastness owes to your rhythm. When you get started with this game, find what your rhythmic speed is and follow the same speed to get the bird moving without touching on those iron-like pipes. You’ll find your bird jumping up or down in ecstasy, it is up to the rhythm that you follow to keep it consistent, both during the ups and downs, so that you can tap away to victory.

Do the Groundwork

It all lies in your talent to pick up a smart place to keep tapping at, whenever your bird keeps flapping away crazily. It is usually towards the corners down the ground where you can choose to keep tapping, so as to keep the bird flapping away safely without hitting those terror pipes. Using a stylus on this grounded spot will be a better option. The reason being, you never can guess when and where the rod branches out from when you have been using your finger to tap. The stylus can get you ‘reading between the pipes (lines) literally!

Lock Yourself Up

There is this greatest disadvantage of a phone call or message disturbing the whole bird-flying series. Put your message notifications off, shut yourself in a room and switch your mobile over to the flight mode, so that your gameplay can be as realistic and as undisturbed as possible. It’s after all recommended to stay relaxed by putting away your phone right? You’re almost doing the same thing here!

Give Yourself That Most-Needed Break

When you keep indulging in this addictive game, it is possible that you get your bird crashing over rapidly and keeping a control on the fine rhythm will seem a distant option. This is just an indication that your mind needs a small break to recoup over the game. Either free yourself from the locked up room or switch over your messages, calls or some other interesting game like Candy Crush. Once you have taken a break, your brain will be all set to flap away one more time!

Look Ahead

While you have been nibbling with fingers and seriously tapping into the screen to make your bird flap through those complex pipe structures, also have an eye ahead. Look forward to the next obstacle at least a few seconds earlier, so that you can plan your next step. Also, flying too high looking at your next obstacle can crash your bird in a jiffy and flying too low can get it hitting against those pipes. So choose to fly in a consistent and middle range which will prevent your bird from getting attacked by those pipes on the corner. Consistency is the game all about, so get flapping away!!

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