Nexus 8 Release Date With Great Features and Specs – Known As HTC T1?

More rumors are confirmed about the upcoming HTC T1 tablet that will be the Google Nexus 6 on launch date as the recent over burst of tweets disclosed the device’s new accessories and its market destination.

Before last month ended, @UpLeaks, who apparently is the recent replacement of the retired @evleaks in revealing exciting new details on upcoming devices, posted series of tweets that disclosed some hot info about the HTC T1.

In the first disclosure, @UpLeaks mocked that the HTC T1, which he persevered is the Nexus 8, will be released with plenty of accessories from case cover to keyboard.

On 30th August 30 was leaked some accessories names for the T1 like: Magic cover TPU in the colors indigo, mint, coral amethyst, lime, indigo stone, black; Magic cover Leather which will be in black or natural and also Keyboard Folio.

In another tweet, @UpLeaks was seemingly confirming that the stock of Android tab will hit the market in two versions: cellular and Wi-Fi. Also the countries that will get the device first are Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Korea and Japan.

The discloser related that the nest Nexus is heading to many, many countries, implying that fans from Europe and Asia are certain to get the gadget very soon.

Though, the numerous tweets fetched up of giving the exactly date when the HTC T1 will be coming to town.

Forward, the same source repeated the dominant belief through the Android world that Google has decided on HTC to create the Nexus 7 follower, which is a gadget of 8.9 inches named privately Volantis or Flounder.

Also, it is claimed that the Nexus 8 is a monster that will be powered by a Dual Core Tegra K1 processor at 64bit. The CPU’s presence was currently confirmed in a press reports provided by NVIDIA, which pointed out the Project David chip’s top of the line performance capacity and increased energy efficient quality.

Like its Nexus 6 relative, the Nexus 8 or 9 (due to its 9inches profile) will be the first device to get the Android L as the OS that Google had displayed last June during this edition of its annual “I/O Developers Conference”.

In a current review, it was hinted that the upcoming Android version is indeed the build 5.0 that will end the 4x series. Google will replace KitKat 4.4x with the next Android version as “Lemon Meringue Pie/ LMP”.

Thus, LMP is probably releasing with the Nexus 8 on this November, per estimates by Android fans, or maybe a few weeks after the considered Nexus 6 launch on October.


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