Watch Dogs – Why is There So Much Hype about This Game?

If you follow the latest gaming news, you are most probably aware of the hype around the new upcoming open world title developed by Ubisoft known as Watch Dogs.

Announced back in E3 2012, the game has since received over 170 pre-release awards and nominations. However, if you are not much into major AAA titles, you might still wonder what all the hype is about. In an attempt to decipher the puzzle, we decided to do a short overview of the game and try to find out why fans are so enthusiastic about it.

What Makes Watch Dogs Truly Stand Out

At first look, Watch Dogs doesn’t stand out from other AAA titles as much. Although it has been praised to have truly next-gen graphics, we may come to a conclusion that nowadays, most games aiming at the top spots, have amazing graphical fidelity and visual appeal. However, if the graphics aren’t the sole reason for the hype of the game, then what is?

Unique Gameplay

Nowadays, defining a unique gameplay is hard to consider, having in mind the thousands of innovations presented to us by a ton of indie developers. However, Watch Dogs is a true attempt by a big AAA studio at a new advanced gameplay mechanics that can not only be a reason for the hype, but also makes the game stand out from other AAA titles.


One of the huge core mechanics in Watch Dogs is the protagonist in the game. Aiden Pearce has a powerful smartphone that is loaded up with a ton of hacking applications that are capable of affecting a huge part of Chicago’s infrastructure including traffic lights, bridges and more. As the game is set in futurist Chicago where everything is controlled and governed by a Central Operating System, known as CtOS, the player will have the opportunity to change the environment to various degrees, which have not been presented in another open world title of such caliber.

A Compelling Story

With graphical fidelity and game visuals reaching a peak, it is not surprising that most big game developers focus on implementing a compelling story into the gameplay. Watch Dogs is no exception, as the presented story in the game is set, as aforementioned, in a futuristic, rather an alternate, universe, where everything in Chicago is controlled by a supercomputer known as Central Operating System or CtOS for short. The highly skilled hacker, Aiden Pearce, is set to bring his own justice in the corrupt world, because much like a comic book super hero, he is haunted by a violent family tragedy that can’t leave him experience peace.

All the Right Factors

From all the information that is currently presented about Watch Dogs, we may conclude that the hype is not surprising having in mind the wonderful combination of an innovative adventurous gameplay, a compelling story and amazing graphical fidelity and visuals making for a highly anticipated AAA title.

Watch Dogs is set to be released on 27th of May for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One and a later Wii U release date is expected in the fourth quarter of 2014, but more information about the Wii U release date is still not available.

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