Destiny Won’t Feature Player Trading System at Launch

Destiny is the shared open world shooter that Playstation 4 and Xbox One owners have been looking forward to play, for some time now.

The game is launching exclusively on previous generation consoles as well as the new gen ones. Developed by Bungie, it boasts of multiple planets and a game play experience that has so much depth added to it. However, it won’t allow players to trade items at launch, according to a latest statement made by the development team.

In their official game website, Bungie says, “Nope, we are not going to encourage players to trade items at initial stages. It will remove the fun out of it. We want you to earn each one of them. You should have undergone adventurous experiences to earn every sweet jewel in your arsenal, which should be great and memorable, rather than simply borrowing it from another player.” The message continues to reveal more details about trading other items, weapons and collectibles inside the game.

No Swapping Guns

The studio further explained their plans for Destiny launch day rules, saying, “Once you manage to earn items in the game, various Guardians who operate under your account will be able to trade them. However, there is no such feature available for the weapons that you own. It belongs only to the player who managed to acquire them by being brave and indulging in heroic actions. The system encourages exclusivity and allows players to show off their achievements.

During an earlier interview with Bungie lead player investment designer, Tyon Green, it was assured that player to player economy trading would be introduced at a later stage in the game. The addition will be made possible only if the community asks for it. There is also a catch in here, because it won’t be implemented until the studio finds a way to manage the security situation for both their systems, as well as the platforms.

Real Money Auction System

Introducing the real money auction system in Destiny is quite a possibility because, Activision, the publisher of the game could make a lot of income if this comes into place. But, it is also to be noted that such an attempt made by Blizzard Entertainment for their Diablo III ended up as a debacle. In the end, they were forced to close the house and remove the feature altogether from the game. Such experimental methods could come in and go, but the final call has to be made by the players. Apart from the initial multiplayer maps and features, Destiny promises to expand its horizons with the first downloadable content, titled, The Dark Below. Bungie clarified that it’s not a DLC, but will be an expansion pack for the game that offers a whole lot of content for the price paid.

Destiny PC is not confirmed yet, but the developers didn’t rule out the option and in a positive note has said that it has all the potential to be on the PC. Meanwhile, console owners don’t have to wait longer as it comes out on Sept. 9.

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