Android 5.0 Lollipop – Android L Best Features

Sundar Pichai, the head of Android, and Mathias Duarte, the head of Android design, officially previewed their next major version of Android, which for now is called “L”, which is almost known as Android 5.0 Lollipop. Here are some features that the next Android will come with.

Android gets a new design

It is expected that the new Android version will come with a new design. Android will also come with a new Roboto system font, with new animations and touch feedback.

Accessing the phone

In case you are at home and you use the voice recognition or your wear a smarthwatch, your smartphone can be kept unlocked. Whenever you leave home, remove your smartwatch or stop speaking, your phone will lock itself.

ART runtime, Battery and graphics optimizations

It seems that the Dalvik runtime will be switched with ART on the upcoming Android version. ART will pre-compile applications the first time you install them, with other words you will get faster application launches, right from the first launch.

ART is also supporting 64bit processing and it will be two times faster than the old Dalvik. ART will come with major improvements in graphic performance for high resolution gaming and some great changes on battery performance.

Google Fit and Android Wear

A new APIs made to gather data information from your fitness application and the sensors on your wearable devices and smartphone, which will centralize all of them in one place, is called Google Fit. It seems that Google is taking this health aspect on the new Android version to a new level.

Android Wear will be integrated in the upcoming Android version also. The wearable device will be the “key” screen in your casual interactions, since it will allow you to check notifications, messages and other “minor” things.


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