New Nvidia GTX Titan Z: Good News For Gamers

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The GTX Titan Z is a game monster that helps power gaming rigs, with massive cores offering an amazing performance, with a very fast graphic card, meant for serious gamers.

All the components used are of the highest quality and offer excellent gaming experience, with great speed and cool performance. In short, it is a monster GPU, with a heavy metallic graphics card that is able to offer a compute performance of 8 TeraFLOPS. It has 12GB memory, with 4760 CUDA cores and two GK110GPU of the Kepler class.

Indefinite Postponement

Nividia Corp. had reported last month that it would release the new flagship graphic car, the new GeForce GTX Titan Z in the first week of May, but there are rumors that the product sale has been postponed once more. The product had been announced during the GPU Conference held in March. However, something has gone wrong and it has been more than a month after the announcement and the product is not yet released. The original announcement was that it would be released on the 29th of April and then later on the 8th of May. But it has not yet been released and there is no announcement of any launch date, so the date has been postponed indefinitely.

The new GTX Titan Z is powered by two GK110 graphics processor units and is one of the best GPUs available. It also offers 12GB GDDR5 of memory and it is a masterpiece with excellent engineering and features. The price is also set at about $3000.

Expected Specs

Many graphics experts from all over the world have criticized the specifications and the design as well as the price. The computing performance depends on the base clocking speed of the card and based on this, it is estimated that the new Titan Z will have an output of 8.1 GFLOPS, across the two GPUs. It is expected that theoretically, there will be an upper limit SP of 10.1 GFLOPS throughput, which is very good. According to the specifications that are currently reported for the Titan Z, it is very well suited for apps that use CUDA. It is also very useful for systems that make use of multiple cards in the riser cables. This is because of their triple slot designing. One of the biggest benefits of the new Titan Z is that it is able to operate inside the power specs of the PCI-E. The card requires a power supply that can offer 200 watts in every 8 pin-connector.

Twin GPUs powers the new Titan Z and they are both tuned so that they run with one clock speed and balance of dynamic power, which results in the absence of a bottleneck created by either of the GPUs. The processor code is termed as Pascal and it is the first one that makes use of a stacked 3D chip packet and incorporates the NVLink, which is the latest PCI interconnect technology that is Express based.


Based on all the hype, it seems that the new GTX Titan Z is an excellent graphics card and totally worth the price. It should probably be a leader in this niche and it will clearly leave the competition far behind. It is a super computer that can be fitted in your desk. It is quite expensive at around $2999, but there is no definite release date, following the release of the original in 2013 and the release of the GTX Titan Black that was brought out in February 2014. Two GPUs are certainly better than one and Nvidia has made its leap into the next generation in graphics card with the new GTX Titan Z.

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