The Sims 4 – What Features Could Make It Unbeatable On Release Date?

When it comes to real life, it’s all about unpredictable events taking place.

The Sims 4 is a real life simulator and if it expects to completely sweep gamers on next gen consoles, it should definitely possess some killer features. Games have come a long way and with more powerful computers available, the team at Maxis can hardly state any reasons to expand the game to its highest potential. Here are some amazing features that could simply push the game to such a level that it will become the best sims for the next decade or more.

Near Infinite Maps

The size of a map your sims can explore matters a lot. Some players opine that it is all about living within the neighborhood and not entering the vast world. However, Grand Theft Auto series already proved huge worlds have an impact in adding insane amounts of game play time. The same has been done again by Skyrim and Minecraft. When so many titles could adopt it, it is time the Sims 4 falls in the same line and allows a gamer to explore the city. One should be able to walk into a shopping mall, meet a friend there or find their ex-girlfriend going out with someone else. Such incidents make them very close to real life. Even though, it is not easy, adding a big map could be the first step towards creating a fully interactive world in the near future.

First Person View

The game Roller Coaster tycoon introduced a feature which allowed players to see the amusement park from a first person view. A similar addition to Sims could definitely add depth to the already amazing game. Imagine when you will be able to build a beautiful home where you could walk into, watch television and maybe, make love to your girl or man from a first person perspective. The idea sounds quite ambitious at the moment but it’s not impossible, given the power of the computers now which are capable of running games at 4K or even more. This could alter the way the game already is and add an emotional touch to it.

Movie Themed Missions

The Sims 4 can be expanded further with movie themed single player missions. It could even take up on some romantic comedy like 50 First Dates, where you should use your sim to woo a girl who’s got memory loss. The game could even recreate the entire Harry Potter universe. A new survey released by EA reveals that Maxis is already planning a similar DLC with magical wizarding school. It could be used to expand to fan favorite movies set in different time lines such as Jurassic Park or Indiana Jones. The concept has been widely adopted by the Lego games and even in Skyrim through mods that change the entire face of the game. Adopting such unique ideas will definitely put Maxis and the Sims 4 in the pedestal of success where it could easily become the best simulator of the decade without any competition.

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