Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Expected Release Date, Specs and New Features

If you are looking for a smart tablet that comes loaded with some of the finest specifications, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 seems to be an exciting choice to opt for.

At a recent Microsoft event, a lot of details about this upcoming tablet have been released and we will discuss them here.

Release Date

The release date for this model has been confirmed to be on June 20th for those residing in the US and Canada. People can start preordering the device from 21st May, which means that various orders have already been placed. However, those who stay in England will have to wait a little longer as the release date is likely to be somewhere in August.

The Core Features

Coming down to the core features and specifications that this model is going to have, here are some of the key points that you need to be familiar with.

Large Display

This model is going to be larger than the previous one as it will feature a 12 inch screen. Further, the thickness of the device has been worked upon also as it is only 9mm thick. Even the weight isn’t much as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will weigh nearly 800 gm which is pretty decent given the dimensions it will have.

The resolution offered by this tablet is stunning at 2160 x 1400 pixels which implies that you are not going to have any complaints whatsoever with the display.

Processor and RAM

It is needless to add that Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will run on Windows 8.1 pro. It comes with two separate configurations of 4 GB and 8 GB of RAM and you can choose the model that you want. Further, even when it comes down to the storage options, you have multiple and diverse choices starting from 64 GB and ranging up to 512 GB.

This is an excellent choice because it gives people the power to choose the options they are most comfortable with.

New Features

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 also comes packed with some new features that are likely to attract the users a great deal. Here, we mention some of them.

  • Microsoft was quick to announce that along with Microsoft Surface Pro 3, they will offer a new docking station which means that you can enjoy the 4K output with this device.
  • Further, Microsoft and Intel have joined hands for a tireless partnership and thus you can find different versions of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 as you can have i3, i5 and even core i7 processor. You can choose the version you want, based upon your needs and requirements.
  • The kickstand that you will get along with Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is worth a round of applause too. It will add a greater degree of flexibility as you can position this tablet at different angles.
  • The touchpad has also been made 68 percent larger which will have a direct impact on the reduction of friction that would otherwise be generated.

These are some of the new updates that are going to be a part of this tablet. It looks like Microsoft has done a great deal of work to make sure that the product lives up to the hopes and expectations of people.

The Verdict

There is no doubt about the fact that the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is definitely an improvement over the previous model and the new features along with the varied versions that one can get makes it a sure choice. We will have to wait till the final launch to get the first hands on review, but right now, it seems to be one of the biggest launches by Microsoft.


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