Why Gmail Decided to Stop Scanning Emails of Accounts for Educational Programs?

We are all aware of how Gmail scans our messages in order to find the right advertisements to be displayed.

You must have seen that the advertisements displayed on your page are likely to be related to your inbox messages. It is definitely not a coincidence because Google makes it a point to scan the details. It professes that it does so to help serve you better so that you can view things that pertain to your needs and interest.

Recently, Google started getting a lot of bad publicity because there were complaints that it was violating wiretap laws because the details of the messages that are sent between students, teachers, and professors should ideally not be scanned. Keeping these news and allegations in mind, Gmail decided to come up with a change in policy and it thereby announced that it will stop scanning the 30 million Gmail accounts which have been registered under Google apps for education programs.

What Did Google Have to Opt For Change of Policy?

Some people wonder as to how serious were the allegations and the obligation of wiretap laws that forced Gmail to bring about changes in its email scanning policy. If you look into the matter, it seems likely that the violation is not something that could create a ruckus. However, what perturbed Gmail is the negative PR that has been generated.

No brand, regardless of how small or big it is, wants to have a negative PR as it can hamper the reputation and damage the trust that people have on the services. Gmail knows well how important it is to take care of the kind of impression it has on the users.

While the advertisement does constitute an integral part for Google’s payment, yet it understood the need to curb at the right place. If Google did not opt for the change of policy, it might have hampered the goodwill and this is not going to bring in good tidings. This is why Google made a smart move by opting to let go off email scanning for education related accounts.

What Will Be the Impact of This Decision?

It is hard to give an accurate estimate of what will be the impact of such a decision. Most of us are likely to believe that leaving so many accounts un-scanned will have a terrible impact on the earnings. However, this is not so because Google knows how to make the most out of the openings. You can always count on Gmail to tap the right openings and make the most out of it.

While some of us tend to get irritated simply by the information that our details are being pulled, you cannot ignore the fact that the advertisement can sometimes turn out to be hugely helpful. Sometimes the advertisements can give you some of the most promising deals and can truly serve your need. Hence, it is wrong to slander the process of listing advertisements because there are both demerits and merits to it.

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