Gmail – Opening the Door to Major Changes

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Saving to Google Drive

The latest version of Gmail comes with many new features.

One of the major changes is that you can now download the attachments to the Google Drive. The user interface has been changed, so that you don’t need to download the attachments in your mail to the desktop Downloads folder. There is an option for saving everything directly to Google Drive. The download can also be sent to a particular folder in the Drive. Several attachments can also be viewed in Gmail, making it possible for you to read entire documents or search for a particular word or phrase in a popup window.


Action Buttons


The Gmail interface has seen another useful change with the action buttons. This feature is in the form of buttons that appear in the Inbox on the right side of the email subject. They are able to scan the email content, to search for any relevant or pertinent information, which could be flight information or dates and so on. This helps you complete tasks, such as reviewing seamless orders and booking reservations. It can assist you in booking reservations or for checking out flights even without the need for opening the mail. The action button feature does not really share your personal information. It only links you with services that are already connected with the account.


Enabling Handwritten Notes


Gmail offers support for a wide range of languages, but this feature is very useful for those who wish to switch from one alphabet to another. Instead, the feature enables you to write the characters in hand, by use of the mouse or the trackpad. These can be converted into text with the input tools in Google. More than twenty languages are available in the Google Documents as of now with fifty languages available in Gmail, so the message will surely be translated.


Home for your Applications


There is a new home for your Google apps, found in the top, right corner of the inbox. When you click the icon for the apps, you can easily access all apps, like the Google Drive, Google+, your Contacts, Calendar, Groups and so on. You can also access your profile in Google+ or profiles for any other accounts that you log into or even notifications from Google, just by using this corner.


Major Overhaul in Looks


Those who use the iPad can see the latest updated look in Gmail for the iOS application. This enables better multitasking. You can use the iPad in the landscape mode, which offers a new navigation bar seen on the left. You can switch from the various inbox categories or any other of your Gmail accounts, just with a tap. The new Gmail features also offer a change in the portrait mode, by offering a closer look at every individual message. You can do this by isolating the message on the page with a full screen view. This also gives more room for composing new messages.


Better Login Features


Login has also become sleeker, as Google has brought in another design for the login page. The login form is seen in the front and at the center, with everything else being eliminated. The page is very similar to the mobile login page.


Remote Sign Out


If you have used a computer in your library or any other public place and forgot to sign out of your Gmail, there is a feature in Gmail that enables you to sign out remotely. You can also find information at the inbox, regarding the time or the location of the latest activity in your account. Using Details, you can find out the time when your mail was accessed with a browser or from a mobile device, along with the IP address used for accessing it, the location of the access and the log out.

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