Watch Dogs Has Too Many Issues On PC Yet A Hit For Ubisoft

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Despite a notable number of bugs and glitches bothering PC gamers who purchased Watch Dogs, it looks like the game has gone on to become the most successful launch ever for Ubisoft.

The publishers are the people behind some of the best franchises ever including Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. But, in their latest sales report, they have proudly claimed that their new IP has sold more in 24 hours than AC or Far Cry did with their so many installments. People who were kind of bored with playing the same games over and over again got extremely interested when a new intellectual property was shown off. The interest was stirred during E3 2012 and 2013 but the game finally landed in stores only in 2014 which is a solid delay. The game publishers made a significant profit through pre-orders alone and it is not only a grand success for them but for the game selling store Game Stop as well.

Record History Set At Gamestop

In their monthly report, Gamestop confirmed that Watch Dogs is the highest pre-ordered next gen game and sales continue to grow, after reviews started pouring. Even though, the game has received mixed reviews, it has been criticized for not meeting the expectations in most cases. The game’s performance didn’t suffer in PS4 or Xbox One consoles which contributed a fair share to the sales. It is only the PC version which has undergone trouble at every point because of a bad console port, say gamers. Ubisoft CEO Yves speaking to the press said that the team is proud of having come up with a next gen game that is truly satisfying in every perspective. He added that the team is glad to have offered gamers a chance to experience a title that was designed for PS4 and Xbox One right from the start. The meet didn’t serve as a platform to discuss about issues that PC gamers were facing but the official Ubisoft Twitter account apologized for the inconvenience caused.

PC Players’ Agony

The issue with the PC version of Watch Dogs annoyed players to a great extent because many of them were using high end gaming rigs. Compared to Nvidia cards, AMD cards suffered the most from stuttering, crashing and multiple bugs that sabotaged the game play experience. The company representatives have confirmed that they are working on possible solutions and will release a patch soon to fix the persistent problems. But, for a game that was in development for over five years, this is kind of a lame excuse, especially after Ubisoft postponed the release date from November 2013 to the mid of 2014.

In an effort to appease players and publishers on the next gen consoles, game developers are increasingly focusing on providing a great experience on PS4 and Xbox One but are ignoring PC audience. Watch Dogs is a good example that shows how easily they decide to provide a bad experience to buyers who are paying the same $60 as next gen console owners.

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