Minecraft PS4 World Sizes Are Definitely Larger, Release Date Speculations Continue

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In their latest Twitter feed, 4J studios – the team working on the development of console ports of the game confirmed that the next gen Minecraft PS4 worlds will definitely be larger than their older counterparts.

But, they added that it is not going to be infinite as some players believe, because the console does have limits and the developers are supposed to allow players to save them. Increasing the map to insane extents can affect the size of the save files which is why the company is planning to make them bigger which will almost be on par with the PC versions but not infinite, because of this file size restriction. The claim definitely sounds feasible, but for now, the company has an even bigger goal ahead of them. Mojang, the publishers of the game confirmed in a press statement that they are working to allow players to transfer their save files from PS3 to the upcoming PS4 version.

Bigger but Not Infinite Maps

Having confirmed that it is going to feature bigger maps, it is now more difficult than ever, to allow maps made on the older generation console to be integrated into the new one. A possible theory that some game developers and erudite gamers suggest is that they could consider automatic content creation for the empty areas in the new map to fill it up while the rest of the save files will continue to host the original creations made by the player. The resolution and texture capabilities of the game are expected to change as well because of the increased graphics power which has to be tackled when this transfer is being allowed.

Touch Pad to Access Interface

Apart from all of this, there is an announcement that the track pad on the controller will be used to allow players to bring up the interface menu on Minecraft PS4. The release date for this game is yet to be known as Mojang didn’t specify anything in particular but simply added that it’s going to be any day in the second or third quarter of the year. Some online retailers have already started posting some random dates with one claiming that it’s going to be in the end of August while Walmart has specified a tentative December date which is far longer than what the publisher specified.

The speculations and approximate dates will continue to be in vogue until the publisher comes up with an official announcement. The company is known for such delays and they usually never confirm a date months earlier like Ubisoft or EA does. So, it’s going to be a waiting game. The same was confirmed by Sony representatives and Microsoft representatives who said that Mojang is an independent company which can control their release date on respective platforms now, rather than relying on the platform owners to make the decision for them. It applies for 4J studios as well because they are working on multiple console versions and it might take time to finish them all including a PS Vita version.

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