Viber Free Download – One of World’s Best Chatting Apps

Rated as world’s best messaging application of 2013, Viber is competitively fighting for the top place this year as well, having very serious opponents like WhatsApp and Skype.

Compatible with every phone platform, Viber makes chatting simpler and cheaper, bringing a number of impressive features to the table and offering all users a wide number of opportunities, too. With a clear and simple interface, Viber is definitely one of those applications that deserve top ratings and appreciation at the same time. This article will break down some of the information and take a look at each in turn.

Features and Specifications

When it comes to listing the features of Viber, there are definitely many things to say about this amazing application. First, it will enable you to successfully message anyone for free, also allowing you to make free calls to other Viber users, too. However, you will need to pay additional fees if attempting to call someone outside of the Viber network, which will depend on the carrier that you are using. What makes this app stand out among others is the list of emoticons available for use, which are more animated compared to those on WhatsApp.

Another important feature of Viber is its group chat capabilities, which can support up to 40 participants, compared to WhatsApp’s maximum of 30 participants. This application also supports video and image transfers, allowing users to easily share their location with other people.

Interface and Performance

One of the best aspects about using Viber application is its very simple, user-friendly interface, which will make it very easy to use for all individuals. The navbar at the bottom of the screen includes Messages, Recents, Contacts, Keypad and More, each of these functions showing you text correspondences, recent calls (including missed ones), contacts (both Viber and address book contacts) and allowing you to make calls to people who are not already in your contact list respectively. Furthermore, More function permits users to invite friends and adjust specific settings – for instance, turn notifications off. Viber does not integrate a status feature, though, so you will not be able to signal whether your are busy or available to talk.

As for the performance, Viber allows to seamlessly send and receive messages, providing crystal-clear phone calls and fast syncing with Facebook, too. You will be able to add contacts to Favorites if you want to be able to get in touch with people who you talk to frequently, which will make your entire experience more pleasurable for sure.


At this time, Viber is compatible with all phone platforms, including iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows phones. Viber was specifically launched for iOS based devices in 2010, but later the application has been updated to run on Android. Viber for Blackberry and Windows phones has been released in 2012, which shows that the app has gradually evolved in a short time.

As one of the top messaging applications on the market, Viber is definitely an excellent option for those who want unlimited chatting options. You can make free calls, send and receive messages, add contacts to Favorites, sync with Facebook and even use a number of friendly emoticons that will make Viber more interactive and simpler, too.

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