Samsung Galaxy Grand vs. Lenovo Vibe X – Comparing Specifications and Features

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Samsung has caught the nerve of the people.

The company has been providing the masses with mid-range smartphones equipped with large multi touchscreen displays. This experiment was a successful venture for Samsung Electronics. The Galaxy Grand sold successfully worldwide. In comparison, the Lenovo Vibe X smartphone caters the masses with an alternative resolution to diverge from conventional smartphone offerings.


The Galaxy Grand smartphone comes in a design similar to that of the Note 2 and the S3 device. In fact, the design of the Galaxy Grand strikes a balance between the two above-mentioned high-end marvels. Usually, Samsung is renowned for its state of the art thin smartphones. Despite an effort made towards designing of the Galaxy Grand smartphone, the thickness at 9.6mm is nowhere close to the 6.9mm thickness of the Lenovo Vibe X smartphone. The Vibe X is the slimmest smartphone around that comes at a weight of 120 grams in comparison to the 162 grams weight of the Galaxy Grand smartphone.


Both the smartphones come equipped with a 5-inch screen. However, the difference lies in the viewing experience offered by both the devices. The Lenovo Vibe X comes with a full HD resolution offering a massive 441-ppi pixel density in comparison to the 480×800 pixels resolution of the Galaxy Grand smartphone. The images are crispy and clearer on the Vibe X device that provides the user with great multimedia experience. The Galaxy Grand offers nothing more than a big 5 inch screen.


In terms of performance, the Lenovo Vibe X smartphone beats the Samsung Galaxy Grand again by making use of a powerful 1.5GHz quad core processor. The latter uses a lower 1.2GHz dual core processor. The Vibe X comes with a 2GB RAM in comparison to the 1GB RAM of the Galaxy Grand device. This explains the lag free performance of the Vibe X device. In terms of operating system, the Vibe X runs on Android version 4.2 OS as compared to the Android version 4.1 OS of the Galaxy Grand that was later updated to version 4.2.


When it comes down to internal memory capacity, the Vibe X smartphone comes with 16GB and 32GB variants. In comparison, the Galaxy Grand comes with an internal memory capacity of 8GB that is redeemed with an external memory card slot for memory enhancement. The Vibe X smartphone does not support the external memory card slot for memory enhancement. However, the 16 and 32GB internal memory is believed to be sufficient for most users.


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