How to Score High in Flappy Bird?

Flappy Bird is the hottest new game for iOS and Android devices.

The game has already won the crown of being the most difficult game in the world. So, you really do not have a chance to sit back and relax, even if you are a pro mobile gamer with great feats to flaunt! The main challenge in the game is scoring high. You will never want your friends to break your high score in Flappy Bird. This is the real fun and binding element of this game. Take a deep plunge into the pixelated world of Flappy Bird and learn some effective tricks to set an invincible high score.

Play the Game on a Bigger Display

Playing Flappy Bird on a 3.5” display phone isn’t fun enough. You can play this on your iPad. Bigger screen will give you a greater game play field. The gaps between pipes will seem wider than before. You can easily pass the ones that troubled you a lot earlier in a smaller display. You will never find your finger blocking your vision when playing on a bigger screen. You will have enough space to manipulate the game well and therefore, score high.

Turn the ‘Do Not Disturb’ On

If you are an avid iPhone user, you know this feature very well already. While playing Flappy Bird, you need a lot of focus. No distraction is allowed if you want to set a high score. Imagine a scene when you are just about to touch a landmark score and your phone starts ringing. It is too annoying. Turn on the Do Not Disturb option on your phone and play the game without any distractions, till you achieve your targeted score. Similarly, on the devices other than iPhones, you can tweak the notification settings and ensure the same level of ‘no disturbance’ mode and enhance your game play efficiency.

A Low Flyer Wins It

Passing between the pipe gaps seems easy apparently; but it is too tough in the world of Flappy Bird. If you are flying high and trying to cross the gap by falling down and then flapping wings a couple of times, you will get bumped easily. A little harder tap on the screen will make your bird collide head on with the upper pipe. Similarly, risks are involved when you fly in the mid-range. Flying at a lower level helps you cross the pipes with ease, as you get plenty of head room and fewer chances of collisions when you tap a little harder by accident. So the trick is to fly low and stay in the game to continue scoring.

Do Not Change Your Tap Position during the Play

When you start playing the game, select a nice place on the screen where you will tap for your bird to flap. Stick to this tap position until you finish the game. If you change the tapping position midway, you will lose your focus and you can never achieve a high score. Sticking to a specific tapping position also helps you to improve your tapping skill as it helps you to concentrate more on the tap pressure and less on where your should tap.

Great Timing Means Great Scores

This is the most important skill you need to have in order to play Flappy Bird like a pro. The game is entirely designed keeping the time factor in mind. If you do not possess a proper presence of mind and finger sync to a particular reaction, you will never be able to set a high score. Improve your timing by playing the easy levels over and over again. The better the timing, the higher will be your scores.

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