Top 4 Tricks for Candy Crush Saga Free Download

For players who have found themselves confused on the Candy Crush Saga board all too often, there is a great way to beat the obstacles and move forth on your level ladder.

If all of your friends have moved past you while you have remained stuck day after day on the same level, you need some instant help, and this is where you can get it. Here are some tricks that will see you crushing those candies in no time.

Plan Your Game

This simply cannot be stressed enough. Every game has a way to beat it, and if you plan, before you make your first move, things will come much easier. So as soon as your board is set, take a quick scan everywhere. What are the obstacles you need to counter, what are the goals of the level? How many power ups do you have? Can you see any simple patterns on the board? Is there a possibility to start out by making a great combo? You should answer these questions right before you make your first move because if the board does not look too great, you have an option to shuffle it up before making your first move. However, if you hasten your first move, you will have to lose your life to get a new board.

Clear Jellies on the Edge First

If you have played Candy Crush Saga for long enough, you will realize that clearing jellies on the edges is the most difficult task of all. The jellies in the middle will be taken care of eventually, but right from the start you should start focusing on the jellies towards the edges of your board. This will really make your game much easier. The jellies at the corners and at the bottom of board are usually those which have the least number of combinations for them, so even if there is no move you can make right now, always be mindful of them and try to get rid of them at the first opportunity instead of keeping them hanging on till the end.

Know the Truth of the Striped Candy

You thought that the stripes on the striped candies were random, right. Wrong. The stripes of the striped candies can be completely controlled. Actually, the last move made to create the striped candy determines the direction of the stripes. If you swapped candies vertically, to create the 4-candy combo, you will get a combination candy with vertical stripes and if you used a horizontal move for the combination candy, you will get horizontal moves. Now make your moves according to the direction in which you want your striped candies to explode.

Strategize Threat Removal

It is important for you to remove threats on the board strategically. Therefore, always assess the board before making your moves. If you have a board where you have a combination of obstacles – for instance chocolate and jelly, prioritize the removal of one threat before the other. Chocolate is usually always the best place to start with.

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