SwiftKey vs Android L – Best Keyboard Features Comparison

The new version of Android brings to the table a new keyboard called Android L. However, this keyboard has some fierce competition from an all-time user favorite, SwiftKey.

The letters on Android L’s keyboard have no visual separation between them, therefore the overall design of the keyboard seems more neat, compared to SwiftKey which has it’s letters individualized visually. Both keyboards show suggestions that pop up above the letters , and they both have a dark, grey-shaded visual appearance.


From this point of view, SwiftKey is the clear winner, letting its users play with themes, input methods, button styles, and others, while Android L only let’s you change settings regarding word placement and switching from QWERTY to QWERTZ.

Special Functions

On Android L, you have to switch between languages if you would like to use more than one, as with SwiftKey, it is possible to use up to three languages at the same time. On SwiftKey, by holding down a suggestion, you get the option to delete entirely from the phone’s vocabulary, while Android L offers multiple suggestions for words.


Both keyboards performed good in testing, with high speed and intuitive responses


In the end, Android L’s clean design is not enough to outmatch SwiftKey’s large range of customization, therefore the latter remaining king of keyboards for Android devices.

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