Sony A7S vs Sony A7 – Is there a Winner?

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As we all know by now, a new product comes along every so often to change an entire industry’s dynamic. This seems to be true in the case of Sony with their new Alpha A7 and A7s. They are currently the most expensive and most advanced mirrorless cameras ever produced by Sony. Although these cameras are similar in appearance to the NEX line Sony Cameras, they have a significant difference.

Large Image Sensors

The image sensors in the cameras are a lot larger and as you know, the bigger the sensor, the better the picture. Currently the full-frame sensors used in the A7 range are the biggest sensor you can find in consumer level cameras on the market. Obviously the A7 range are not the first full-frame camera on the market, however the other cameras with large sensors are generally very heavy and big in appearance.

Sony’s first fixed lens camera with a huge sensor is the RX1, but they designed it as a remarkably small camera. The downside they experienced with the RX1 is the hefty price tag of nearly $3000, definitely not very consumer oriented.

Sony learnt from that price blunder and the R7 range, which can be directly compared to the Nikon D610 and the Canon 6D are much cheaper. They are capable of lens changes, full-framed, much smaller, and affordable for amateur and professional photographers. Sony took the right approach with this range as most people opt for taking photos with their smart phones due to its small compactness. These cameras however are portable and small enough to fit into nearly anyone’s shoulder bag.

Sony A7S vs Sony A7

  • Sensor Resolution – The A7S has a sensor resolution of 12 MP, whereas the A7 has 24 MP
  • Sensor Type – both with the same CMOS Full Frame sensors
  • Sensor Size – both have 35.8 x 23.9 mm
  • Image Size – A7S has image size of 4240 x 3832 and the A7 has image size of 6000 x 4000
  • Image Processor – Both Bionz X processors
  • Viewfinder Type and Coverage – Electronic 100% on both cameras
  • Viewfinder magnification – 0.71x on both
  • Storage Media – A7S and A7 have SD/SDHC/SDXC, Memory stick DUO/Pro Duo/Pro-GH Duo
  • Max Shutter Speed – Both are 1/8000 to 30 seconds
  • Native ISO Sensitivity – A7S has ISO 100-102, 400 and A7 has ISO 100-25, 600
  • Expanded ISO Sensitivity for Video – A7S has 200 – 409,600 and A7, not applicable
  • Autofocus System – A7S has 25 point and the A7 has 117 points
  • Video Output – Both cameras with MPEG-4, AVCHD
  • Video Maximum Resolution – A72 has XAVC S1080, whereas the A7 has 1920 x 1080
  • LCD Size and Resolution – Both with 3” tilting TFT-LCD and 1,230,000 dots
  • USB Version – 2.0 on both
  • Dimensions – A7S as well as A7 sizes are same at 127 x 94 x 48 mm
  • Weight – the A7S is slightly heavier at 489 g compared to the A7 ? weight of 474 g
  • Price of the A7S has not been announced yet, although it is expected to be around $100 to $200 higher than the A7, which cost $1,698

Additional Features

Furthermore does the A7S have features that the A7 does not have, including S-LOG gamma option, picture profile functions, and time code, all which works with video mode. When you look at the above comparisons, you will notice that the only significant difference is the video recording. Make no mistake it is still a fully functioning still-photography camera, but excellent with the 4K video recording capability.


Sony seems to be producing instead of one camera that has every capability, a range of cameras each with its own unique features. They are both equally high-end cameras with the A7S for photographers that prefer video capturing and the A7 for maximized detail oriented landscaping and portrait photographers.

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