Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Prices and Specifications Comparison

Samsung has not stopped with just creating a new segment in the form of the Galaxy Note series, but it has gone on and produced subsequent models that have taken this segment even further.

It would not be surprising to see many other manufacturers coming in with devices that are similar to the Galaxy Note. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the latest device to create a storm in this segment, but it is set to be replaced by the Galaxy Note 4 in a few months.

New Features

One of the major areas where the Galaxy Note 4 will be upgraded is the fingerprint sensor feature. It was first introduced in the Galaxy S5 and it has proven to be a massive success. The Galaxy Note 4 will have this feature amongst a whole host of others as well. They include a 16-megapixel camera, which is a significant upgrade from the 13-megapixel unit on the Galaxy Note 3.


Apart from providing an increased megapixel count, the Galaxy Note 4 will also be providing aspects like 4K video recording in much better fashion. It is right now supported by the Galaxy Note 3, which can record only up to five minutes of this high-quality video. The Galaxy Note 4 will provide this in a much improved fashion since it is likely to be coming with a minimum memory of 32 GB internally to go along with the expandable memory card slot.


Improved RAM is also expected on the cards, which should be necessary given that the Galaxy Note 4 is rumored to come with a 64-bit processor for the first time in the industry. Currently, the Galaxy Note 3 provides 3 GB of RAM – one of the highest in the mobile phones. This makes the device supports several new features through the stylus. Called as the air commands by Samsung, they open a world of new possibilities for those looking to take advantage of the large touch screen display.


The 5.7 inch display is extremely good to look at and offers a lot of real estate to take advantage of the stylus. Samsung provides a number of applications in order to take advantage of these two aspects alone. However, this display still continues with the same full HD resolution, which is becoming a standard aspect of high-end smartphones. After coming out with the QHD resolution in the Galaxy S5 Prime over the last few weeks, Samsung is expected to go big with this resolution.

The Galaxy Note 4 could be one of the first mainstream products to come with this resolution, which will improve the pixel density to more than 500 PPI.


The North American versions of the Galaxy Note 3 are sold with the snapdragon processor, which will be a quad core unit. It remains to be seen if the Galaxy Note 4 will support octa core versions from QUALCOMM.

Prices of the Galaxy Note 4 are expected to start at roughly the same when the Galaxy Note 3 first came into the market – $ 750. The Galaxy Note 3 is available for around $ 680.

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