Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs LG G2 – Top Specs and Price Comparison

In the past, tablets were created only for playing games or to surf the internet, and phones were used for conversations and some of them were equipped with decent cameras. But nowadays, technology has evolved so much that the companies decided to mix these two devices, to come up with some kind of hybrid smartphones that inherited tablets’ functions. Today, we’ll compare two of these devices, also called phablets: the LG G2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, to see which one is better in terms of multitasking capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with the S-Pen, the LG G2 has Touch Functions

With the S-Pen, you can open many applications simultaneously. Some of the functions that come with the S-Pen are: pressure sensing, Action Memo, Handwriting recognition,
Handwriting text input (users can choose their handwriting for text conversations), Easy clip (you can share clip parts of your screen), S Note (using videos, images, voice memos to create professional presentations) etc.

LG was inspired by Samsung’s TouchWiz and G2 comes with a similar feature that prevents the screen from auto-locking, when the user is looking at it. G2 can be activated with a double-tap gesture system.

Multi-Window vs. QSlide

Samsung Note 3 has the first feature, which allows people to use the entire screen. The device remembers the last app you opened with Multi-Window and you can return to what you were doing before. It’s so easy!

LG opted for the Q Slide that allows the people to the change the size of the mini application and with the transparency scrubber, the user can “reduce” the app’s transparency, making it inactive.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes at a price of $539 on Amazon while LG G2 is available for about $404 on the same website.

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