Apple Watch vs. Samsung Gear S – Comparison of Features and Price

The Gear S is the sixth generation of wearable devices for Samsung. Apple Watch is the first generation the Cupertino based company has released.

Can Apple get a piece of the market? Or will Samsung continue to dominate the smartwatch market? We compare the latest devices the two tech giants have released.


Design and Display


Samsung seems to enjoy producing big and large devices. The Gear S is the largest smartwatch on the market with a 2-inches curved screen and diameter of 58mm. The resolution is another area where the Gear S makes an improvement, to a now 360×480 pixels. With such a large screen, the device takes up your whole wrist. While some may like it, others may find it too much. Apple offers a lot more flexibility here. There are two size options. One is a 38 mm/1.49 inch smartwatch, and the second one is a 48mm/1.65mm inch smartwatch. Additionally, there are three lines, six band colors and six different wristbands. Users can choose between aluminum, stainless steel or even 18-Karat gold for the build of the device. When it comes to screen resolution, some sources suggest a 320x400pixels for the Apple Watch.


Hardware and Operating System


While there is no confirmed information regarding the Apple watch, some sources suggest a 512MB RAM memory and 4GB built in storage, with an 8GB version also in the talk. No word on the processor yet. On the inside, the Samsung Gear S is equipped with a dual core processor clocked at 1GHz, 512 MB RAM memory and 4GB storage memory.


The OS battle is one where Apple has the clear advantage. Samsung has decided to go with its own Tizen OS for the Gear S, which is yet to be judged. The advantage of Apple’s OS, used for the smartwatch has better functionality and practical use. All of the applications are on the main screen, where they are easily reachable. Samsung promises to deliver 1,000 apps. However, how they are going to be optimized for the larger screen is a big question. Additionally, you need several steps to get to the application you want.




One of the advantages the Gear S has is the ability to run as an individual device. While you need a Samsung phone running on an Android 4.3 or better, to install applications, the device can function without a phone nearby. The Gear S is a 3G and Wi-Fi enabled device, which means you can make calls and check messages even when you don’t have a phone with you. Apple Watch, on the other hand, cannot function individually. The device must be connected to a nearby iPhone in order to function. Compatible devices are the iPhone 5 and better.



The battery found in the Gear S is a 300 mAh battery, which Samsung claims should last two days without any problems. There is an option to reduce the light, and make the watch a low light clock if you want to preserve some battery life. And for extra life, users can use the battery charger that has a 350 mAh battery built in. All these features ensure users will never run out of battery life on their wearable device. At the moment, there is no clear information regarding the battery found in the Apple Watch.




Apple has announced that the starting price of the smartwatch is set to be $350. This is the price for the basic and standard version. It is expected that the more luxury options be priced a tad more. The Gear S is expected to hit the market sometime in October, while the alleged date for the launch of the Apple watch is March 2015.

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