Mobile Game Clash of Clans New Updates: Clan vs Clan

Clash of Clans is the biggest grosser in the Google Play Store as well as in the AppStore. The latest update in April 2014 brings in some additional new features, resulting in the game becoming even more addictive than before, being available for all Android devices as well as iOS devices.

Clan Wars Feature

The new update released in April 2014 for Clash of Clans is the Clan Wars. This feature allows players to fight with their opponents through real time attacks. Supercell, the developers of the game, call the update of the Clan Wars their biggest update as yet, as clan vs. clan battles are now possible. The new feature also enables Clan Castles to hold the money that they win in the battles, whereas previously they were only able to hold on to a small backup army.

Players can also upgrade the clan castles to the level 6. This will enable them to old bigger donated armies and also additional gold as well as elixir. Supercell also claims that they will feature gems that start popping up in the maps while the attacks are going on, according to latest reports.

Update 6.56.1

The update 6.56.1 introduced in April 2014 brought in the Clan Wars feature. The Clan Wars are actually strategic battles conducted between any two clans. The war is a two-day event and it involves the preparation on the first day and the battle on the second day. The participants can attack twice in the battle day.

At the end of the day, the clan that is able to get the maximum number of stars resulting from the attack gets to win the clan war. After the attack, all members get a part of the loot, but the winning clan receives a bigger bonus of the loot. In addition, all your shields, trophies and other village resources remain untouched during the clan war.


Leaders or the co-leaders of the clan can take the leadership and click on the Start War icon in the screen. The game then makes a search of opponent clans, depending on the size of your clan.

The smallest size for a team to make a clan war is ten against 10, whereas you can also have bigger team sizes of 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 against an equal number in the other opposing clan. The game does the matchmaking according to the individual strength of each of the members of the clan.

Eligibility for Clan Wars

Clan wars are an enormous update. This was very much requested by fans. The feature allows the whole clan to go into war with another clan to get loot and spoils. However, there are certain requirements that enable players to enter a clan war, whereas others are left in the spectator mode. It is important to first rebuild the clan castle, which cost about 40,000 gold, but this enables you to join any clan or start one.

If you want to start your own clan, you can tap on the clan castle and click on the ‘clan’ button or Create Clan tab. You will then have to select a badge, write a description and keep the clan open to all or on an invite only basis. You can also create a minimum trophy number for joining, so that low-level players cannot join.

On the other hand, you can also join another player’s clan, by hitting the clan button and searching the list of clans to find one that suits you. Once you are accepted, you can view the chat in the screen. Some members who have a very low trophy count may be left in the spectator mode, as they are not eligible for the war.


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