Minecraft PS4 Features Larger Maps, Release Date before September

It’s official! Minecraft PS4 is almost ready and the developers at 4J Studios have confidently come out with some screenshots displaying how far their maps could extend.

The interesting part though is that it has been directly pitted against the Xbox One and shows the visual appearance of the game on both these consoles. While their intention is not to start another console war, it is clearly evident that the game doesn’t look too different on these platforms. They are designed to offer a similar experience irrespective of the slight difference in the hardware. Besides, the game will not feature infinite maps as it was declared by Mojang’s Owen Hill in a recent interview. Technically, it is impossible to provide an infinite version of the map because it will most probably eat up all the hardware resources and may make the game lag. The team has opted for the next best choice it seems.

36 Times Larger Maps

The Minecraft PS4 edition will feature maps that are 36 times larger than the PS3 copy which is indeed great news for next gen console owners. The increased size will also favor players who are now playing the game on the older generation platform and are looking forward to move to the new one for a more sophisticated experience. The developers of the game 4J studios released a screenshot this week which showed how far the maps could go. Speaking to their fans, the team assured that even though they were not able to provide unlimited space for players to roam, the huge increase in its size will definitely provide them ample space to move around, create impressive structures and stay ahead of others players as well as entities that threaten them in the dark.

Expected September Release

There is speculation that the Xbox One edition is all set to be released early while Minecraft PS4 will make its way to the stores later on. It will most probably be launched along with the PS Vita edition. Both games have been confirmed to get retail boxed edition that is another milestone for the title on Sony consoles. The release date has not been officially announced by the publishers Mojang or 4J Studios but it has been assured that it will be before the month of September. The date does sound really distant but the developers need time to bring two different versions of the game out together at the same time.

A slew of new features are expected to be supported by Minecraft PS4 when the game launches including the ability to transfer saves from PS3 console. All maps and creations done on the old console will be available to play on the new one. It will also make good use of the touch pad provided in the new controller which will be used to bring up the interface and navigate through the content within. Cross-play compatibility is also expected to be added when the game launches on these platforms.

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