iOS 8 Gets an Update – More Secure Than Ever

Apple has released a new update for their OS on Wednesday.

The latest update for the iOS 8 includes several security and protection features that Apple promises, are just too secure. In fact, according to Apple’s claims, even the police cannot get access to any of the user’s data. The company went as far as saying that the government’s warrants are impossible to comply with this new system.

What Does iOS 8 Protects?

The latest update provides protection for all information stored on the device. Users can now protect their data with a four digit number, a passcode used to log into the device. The new security makes it impossible for Apple to extract information from the user’s devices, even if the government asks that. Everything from the device is protected. However, the data stored on iCloud is not protected. In the letter announcing the protection, Tim Cook explains that the company cannot bypass the passcode.

Was a Hacker’s Attack the Provocation Apple Needed?

Several days ago, hackers managed to enter Apple’s iCloud system and stole nude and provocative pictures of several celebrities. The pictures were posted on the internet, and Apple’s credibility was put on test. Given the fact that Apple launched a NFC technology for mobile payment system, that should be available from October, security is priority No.1 for Apple at the moment. It all points to the fact that the company has listened to some of the complaints of its users.

The Memory Problem

On first glance, the latest update to the iOS 8 is excellent. Too bad it comes at a hefty price. The update itself requires an insane 5.8GB of storage. And some users with the 16 GB version, simply cannot afford that much of memory space. In order to install the update, several users are forced to delete their photos, videos, music and other files.

As always, users have expressed their feelings, emotions and thinking about the latest update on the social media. The theme of the tweets and comments is very similar, and it goes something like this “The update would be great, if you didn’t have to delete half of the stuff on your phone just to install it”.
Another interesting moment is that the update does not include applications that run with the HealthKit service.

The Same Old Problem?

This is not the first time Apple’s users are facing problems with the update for their OS. In 2012, users lost some of their valuable applications due to the update of the iOS 6. The same thing happened last year with the iOS 7 update, when users lost photos and messages because of the update.

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