Minecraft PS3 1.06 Update Features Discussed By Developers

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While the next gen console owners are waiting for a release date announcement, if you are already playing Minecraft PS3 edition, you have plenty to look forward to.

The game is about to get a retail edition and it is being speculated that it will get some skin packs or texture packs on the same day as the version hit stores. There is no official confirmation on the same but recently the Xbox 360 version got Amazing Spiderman skin pack while some other packs are still pending to make its way to the Sony console.

Under Development

The developers of the game 4J studios have now considerably reduced the gap between updates that get released on these platforms. They have been bringing out all the exclusive as well as general packs that got released on the Microsoft console to PS3 in the past few months, one by one. Earlier the console received a bunch of goodies, four different content bundles that also included an exclusive set of skin packs featuring characters such as Sly Cooper and Nathan Drake from the uncharted series. While the 1.04 update brought about a slew of amazing features to the game, it also has a wide range of bugs to be fixed. When there are so many new features in an open world game, it is obvious that they end up having some glitches. The team immediately fixed major ones by releasing the 1.05 patch update but there are plenty left to be addressed with a future update.

No New Features Confirmed Yet

It was recently confirmed by 4J in Twitter that the upcoming 1.06 patch update for Minecraft PS3 will be designed to fix a slew of bugs found in the previous update. Some players were expecting some new features than just a patch update. The developers didn’t confirm but simply said that it will fix some issues which can also be interpreted as a tentative announcement. They will release formal notes only after the 1.06 goes to certificate testing process with Sony. There is no official date announced for this yet but as 4J discussed about it in their usual Twitter conversation, it can be assumed that they won’t take too long to bring it out. The company has a constant habit of making any such official statements only towards the release week or sometimes even just a day earlier before they get ready with it. Unlike other game developers who usually start promoting their title months earlier, Mojang and 4J has their own style of announcement.

There could be more news as soon as the retail edition of the Minecraft PS3 hits stores because the company didn’t make it public yet. There is no information on what players could expect in the boxed pack which has huge free space to be filled up with and if the developers choose, they can try to integrate a slew of exclusive contents onto the disc. The game will not ship with 1.05 patches that have to be downloaded separately from the store.

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